CEP Statement Applauding Australia Parliament’s Passage of Legislation Regulating Extremist Content Online

(New York, N.Y.) – Counter Extremism Project (CEP) CEO Ambassador Mark D. Wallace released the following statement today commending the Parliament of Australia for passing legislation regulating social media companies in the wake of the New Zealand shootings. The bill, which won broad support, would penalize failures to promptly remove violent content online and requires authorities to be notified when said content is found.

“Australia’s pioneering legislation – disregarding the tech industry’s incessant lobbying efforts – should serve as a model for other lawmakers across the world. It’s evident that tech’s desire for self-regulation is failing, and governments must step in to ensure that the proper measures are in place to protect its citizens from the ongoing misuse of Internet sites and platforms. Australia’s latest laws demonstrate how regulators are increasingly willing to stand up against tech’s spin and half measures. Last year, Germany’s NetzDG law, which fines tech companies for failing to delete illegal content, went into effect. Next week, the EU will vote on legislation regarding the removal of terrorist content. And on April 9, Facebook and Google will have to answer to members of the U.S. Congress’ House Judiciary Committee. This is a milestone in the battle regarding online extremism and CEP will continue supporting these efforts.”

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