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14 Points of Hypocrisy of El-Rufai on President Buhari Health Vacation – By Bala Abubakar

Attention: You organised a make up solidarity rally for president Buhari when he came back but these are the points to show you are a hypocrite

1.You Never supported, financed or participated in any prayer session for President Muhammadu Buhari while he was away in London.

2.When Kaduna state council of Ulama and Imams approached you for support for mass prayer for PMB you turned them down through your special adviser on religious affairs Engineer Namadi Musa.

2.When the combine group of Izala and Darika Imams and JNI invited you at both Arewa House and Sultan Bello Mosque for prayer for PMB you neither attended nor sent a representative.

3.When a group of youths led by Hajiya Zuwaira Bakori and others approached you to support them for a PRO Buhari rally in Kaduna you not only turned them down but you ordered the commissioner of police to deny  them the permission to do so.

4.You are in the habit of constantly but privately  criticising the Governors of Jigawa and Kano States for according to you wasting public funds to organize prayers for Buhari.

5.While your colleague Governor Fayose and your colleague in obasanjo cabinet Femi Fani Kayode were constantly rubishing the image of PMB you never had the courage to stand up for Buhari by responding to them.

6.You commissioned your media consultant to influence an opinion poll conducted by Aljazeera on PMB medical health issues which turn out negative against Buhari.

7.You pay hundreds millions of Naira to your selected media houses to launder your image and kill negative stories about you but you never deem it fit to do same to Buhari.

8.You commissioned  consultants to diplomatic community to support your vice president ambition and many of them you hosted while the President was in London.

9.Kaduna state Government under your leadership never for once took a page advert to wish Buhari well or happy birthday.And when the idea was brought before you rejected it as a waste.

10.Each time any group wants to organize a rally for PMB in  Kaduna you instructed your media aide to remind the public of the ban on rallies and public mass procession in Kaduna.

11.During your tenure as a minister you helped charly boy aquire some properties in Abuja and he still remains your close friend.What did you do to stop him from his evil campaign.

11.During the President health vacation you developed a close links with APC some  national executives and sending them large some of money secretly all to support your vice president dream in the case of “death of Buhari.”

12.For over a hundred days since the trip of President Buhari you hosted over 37 public event yet never in any of such event did you ever call for prayers over PMB health neither in opening nor in closing prayers.

13.You used Tax payers money to send some selected Islamic clerics to Umrah and now Hajj to pray for you against people you termed your enemies and you never deem it fit to include President Buhari in prayers.

14.When you came back from London after seeing Buhari you publicly said Baba is getting well but you say the opposite to some of your close confidants.


Culled from Kaduna News Online




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