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2019: Kaduna Professionals Throw Weight Behind Saraki

By Ehis Agbon.

The Saraki For President Support Group in Kaduna got the support of a cross section of a group of vibrant professionals that cuts across all spheres of life today, Monday 10 September 2018, in Kaduna.

At an interactive session held at Zee Cool hotel, Barnawa, the professional gave various reasons why Sen. Bukola Saraki should be the next president of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Their reasons, they gave, among others include the fact that he is the youngest aspirants among the aspirants in the PDP, He has the leadership pedigree, the education and the desire to ‘Grow Nigeria’.

While speaking, Yashim Luka, a managing partner in a front line Advert Agency, said his support for Saraki stems from his believe that Saraki has the energy zeal to make Nigeria work.

Also adding his voice to the discussion, Negedu Jonathan, a Hospitality professional, said Saraki, over the years, have been able to study and perfect the art of leadership. This is evident in his ability to manage the legislature inspire of all the attacks and opposition from the executive, mainly the presidency.

Ali Omololu, a front line member of the “Kaduna 4 Saraki” support group, while urging delegates to support Bukola Saraki said Saraki commands the respect of the leaders of leading nations in the world. Adding that Saraki has the dexterity to negotiate fair deals with other countries in the world which our present leaders lack.

Habib Abubakar, a banker with a new generation bank, firmly believed that its a Saraki that can get Nigeria out of its present economic doldrum. Sarakis dept of international relations, diplomacy and economy is unrivalled among the present crop of aspirants across party lines.

Ikechukwu Omenaihe, an international film maker affirmed that the profile of Bukola Saraki can intimidate any global leader. He gave his support to Saraki because he is one leader that can skillfully guide Nigeria on the path of progress and development, stressing that Saraki stands as a bridge unifying tribe, ethnicity , religion, age and political affiliations.

Onoja Mathew, on his part analysed all the qualities of Sen. Bukola Saraki and came to the conclusion that Nigeria at this moment need a Bukola Saraki to reposition the country in the path greatness. The ‘Grow Nigeria’ Project as conceptualised by Sen. Bukola Saraki is the ideal manual that will reposition Nigeria in its rightful place in the comity of nation.

The group of professionals all agreed that Sen. Bukola Saraki should keep the fire burning as they are ready to give their moral and professional support to his aspirations.



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