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2019: Namadi Sambo crosses to APC

There is increasing rumour within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kaduna over an alleged plot by the All Progressives Congress (APC) to use the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to force Arc. Namadi Sambo, the former Vice President to Goodluck Jonathan to dump the PDP.

As facts emerged at the weekend that the former Vice President, has perfected plans to formally defect to the APC. A competent source at the PDP state office in Kaduna said the new plot is to force him to APC with some of the facts with EFCC on corruption. Sometimes back the anti graft agencies stumped his Abuja office and his Kaduna residence in search of incriminating evidence against Sambo.

Although no charges were made but rumour has it that all plans have been concluded for the former Vice president, Arch. Namadi Sambo to dump the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) alongside his followers to the All Progressive Congress (APC).

It is unbecoming of the former vice president who by all standard reaped from the party whose platform he rode to become the governor of Kaduna State and as well afforded him the opportunity of being the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to act as a spoiler to the party and to encourage his followers to serve as moles to the APC.

Our correspondent in Kaduna gathered from a reliable source in Kaduna office of the PDP along NDA (who pleaded anonymous) that the former Vice President is being blackmailed to dump the PDP for APC based on the above mentioned findings, in order for the case to be closed and forget about he has to join the APC.

That was the reason for the ceremonial relationship that now exist between the duo of Namadi and the APC. This is what brought about his decision to betray and be disloyal to the party that brought him to limelight and even make him relevant today in the political history of Nigeria. Because of selfish reason and greed he opted for the APC and found her reliable to push his agenda.

It’s not a surprise for his silence in all party’s activities since when his boss was dislodged from Aso Rock in 2015. One will not be surprised for the alleged news that his followers are serving as moles to the APC through their body language.

The PDP is hereby advised to beware of the former Vice President and his followers as they may cause damage to the party before leaving, and that may cause the party her presidential fortune in the coming elections.

Asked what the leadership of the party may do if he finally defects, the source said the PDP has put machineries on ground to include not allowing Kaduna delegates to vote any associate of Sambo (Kabiru Turaki and Sani Sidi in the forthcoming gubernatorial and Presidential party nominations)

The source said, although PDP believes it has taken serious measures to monitor Sambo and his boys over plans to sell Kaduna PDP.

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