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2019 Sokoto: Who returns or not to the senate, reps

By Ado Hassan, Sokoto

AS 2019 date for the general elections draws faster and nearer, grassroots politics is beginning to strengthen in the nooks and cranny of Sokoto state with attendant focus by electorates on some big wigs who are currently occupying seats at the upper and lower legislative chambers of the National Assembly.

The early shift of attention on them by the electorate is informed by a number of factors ranging from non performance, avoidance of their constituents and gross disloyalty to the institution(party) that made them.

The ruling APC in the state is on its toes not resting it oars ahead of the impending challenge to retain its ground in the caliphate. While the main opposition PDP seem to be ready and up to capitalise on the wide space of faults created by the ruling party to reclaim it position at all levels.

Sokoto is one among the major catchments that supported the APC to victory in the Northwest with all lawmakers at the state and national assemblies fully represented without single seat for opposition.

However, many electorates and supporters who are disappointed with legislators have  their reservations ahead of 2019 when to display their anger both at electioneering campaigns and election periods, evidence has shown.

The three Senatorial Districts which comprises East, South and North have; Engr Senators Ibrahim Abdullahi Gobir, Ibrahim Danbaba Damboa and Dr Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko. With the exception of Gobir who is a second timer, Wamakko and Damboa are biginners.

Besides, most of the 11 representatives with few exceptions as Abdussamad Ibrahim Dasuki Tambuwal/Kebbe Federal Constituency , have enormously fractured the confidence of their constituents in them with alarming concern, observations revealed.

But by order of performance, closeness to constituents and resilience in practicalising responsive representation,  Senator Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko, (APC),representing Sokoto North Senatorial District, seem to be favoured by his constituents, analyst observes.

According to a source” we have no doubt eve by state wide ranking , Wamakko is a demonstration of true representation who has made many Sokoto people confident and happy with his conduct and projects.

“To us , he is a leading legislator with brighter chances to return without problem than the two other Senators from the state in the state 2019 elections.”

Wamakko, a former governor and demystified leader got to the upper chamber after a successful two terms of four years as governor of Sokoto state has continued to remain accessible as it were to all and sundry to further brighten and pave the chance for his re-election in 2019.

Pundits, however, are of the stake that the Sokoto North senator has alot to gain than to loose politically by his humble and sense of keeping in touch with his constituents in thick and hard.

Accordingly, his spirit of resilience and politiking as a grassroot mobiliser has tactically placed him tops with attendant political rapport already established by the immediate past governor across the state.

Against the two other senators, Gobir and Damboa whose constituent have long separated ways with them for obvious physical reasons not far fetched from their gross inabilities to measure up with the like of Wamakko who is being felt in all nook and cranny of the state, most electorates have resolved to ensure they wee not returned.

Besides, Gobir and Damboa were both annointed by Wamakko who’s back and abilities they rode on through to the senate. However, Wamakko may have supported their emergence in good faith for the development of the state but turned to be a sour experience for their constituents who voted them.

The chances of the two Senators to return and  maintain their  positions may fail  and  very difficult as they have under performed and represented their respective Districts. Their followers, as gathered are grossly not on  the same note of  support for them compared to 2015.

However, the electorates have labeled and branded them as’ Abuja politicians ‘ metamophorsed  with little or no remorse as they failed to toe the path and emulate the unprecedented leadership style of their political mentor, Senator Wamakko who’s profile has continued to attract even the young politicians with passion in the state and beyond.



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