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Am Here To Re-engineer The Security Architecture Of This State -CP Taraba 

The ‎Taraba State commissioner of Police, Mr. Dave Akinremi, has stated that his posting to the state was not a mistake but a call of duty for him to re-engineer the security architecture in the state. Pointing that the current peace being enjoyed in the state is as a result of articulated strategies put in place. 

Mr. Akinremi stated this while speaking with a group of journalists who paid him visit on Monday 21 August, 2017 in his office in Jalingo, the Taraba State Capital.
Reacting ‎to why Taraba State is among the most peaceful state in Nigeria despite the fact that the state is listed among the states in the north-east previously held down by the activities of boko haram, communal clashes, herdsmen activities, armed robbery and other criminal activities? Mr. Akinremi said, it’s as a result of an idea of creating visibility policing.
“Visibility policing is what we have done and still doing. That is why you can see what you are seeing in this state. All we do is to ensure that our men are everywhere cut across the state. We have our men at every corner of the state. Because of the presence of my men, all criminals feels uncomfortable and they have no choice than to flee the state.
“We also relates with community leaders, vigilante groups, National Union Of Road Transport workers, artisans, traditional rulers and other sister agencies. And with the corporation of all these groups, that is why we are able to ‎achieve the success we have recorded so far”, he said.
Mr. Akinremi however, throw light on the incident that occurred at Tela, in Tela Local Government area of the state. Where a 5man suspected kidnapping gang were apprehended by a villigilant group but in the process of handing them over to the police some mobs came and took the law into their hands and  they burnt some of these suspects into ashes.
“‎I am fully aware of what transpired, some miscreants just decided to take the law into their hands. But our Constitution stated it clearly that a suspect or an accused remains innocent until prove guilty in the court of law. I can tell you that some arrest has been made towards that effect. The suspects arrested are helping us in our investigations. I have asked my PPRO to issue a press release to that respect”, he stated.
 He maintained that the recent ‎return of peace in the state is as a result of developing his personal commitment towards ensuring peaceful coexistence among the citizenry.
“When I came in as the new commissioner, the first thing I did was to visit those areas where violence was prevailing. For instance, I visited Saraduna Local Government; that is Gebo. I also visited IDP camps. I called all the communities ‎together, I talked to them and finally peace has been retored in those areas.
Describing his relationship with his officers, Mr. Akinremi said, the relationship is very cordial. Stating that the success recorded so far was made possible via his corporation with his officers and men. “My relationship with my men is very cordial, we have a mutual ‎corporation and that is why you are seeing this excellent results”.
‎Speaking further, Mr. Akinremi pointed out that the recent order issued by the Inspector General of Police (IG), Idris Ibrahim, that all the roadblocks across the country on highways should be dismantled. He explained that the order had not stopped him and his men in curbing criminal activities under his domain.
“Let me tell you,‎roadblocks and checking point or you call it stop and  search are two different things. Roadblock is a situation where you see the whole road is almost completely blocked but checking points happens occasionally. It happens mostly when we have  urgent signal of a suspected viehencle on a particular road, then our men swings into action. So these are what happens in most cases”.
However, he described the gallantry leadership of the current IG of Police, Ibrahim Idris, as worthy of commendation, worthy of emulation, which every gallant police officer should embed. “I can tell you authoritatively that we have never had it this easy and smooth before. His leadership style is incomparable,”he added.
Also speaking about his relationship with the state government and the people of Taraba State, Mr. Akinremi said, he is having mutual corporation with the state government and the Tarabans. Pointing that the Governor is the chief security officer of the state but his own role is to command order. “Sincerily speaking, we are having good relationship with the state government, the government created the enable environment for us to perform and we be enjoying that benevolence in carrying out our national duties successfully “.


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