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Amotekun: You Are Terrorists, Yoruba Group Replies Miyetti Allah.

Oodua Youth Coalition(OYC)read with concern the position of Miyetti Allah, a group of political terrorists, human kidnappers, murderers, highway robbers and arsonists hiding under pastoralism and herding to perpetrate their evils, on the Western Nigerian Security Network(WNSN) codenamed ‘Operation Amotekun’, belittling the efforts of our Yoruba governors by linking it to political moves of 2023 and the Nigerian presidency.

It is worrisome that a group of supposed herders, who should be taking care of their cows and the flock, are discussing national politics and indirectly deciding the political future of Yoruba land and threatening to render us into political oblivion in the unholy marriage of the Nigerian entity.

Miyyeti Allah should be worried about the number of Yoruba farmers they have maimed on our farmlands, hundreds killed on the highways, thousands kidnapped in their homes, hectares and acres of plantations destroyed, smooth families lives disrupted and the unending debts they have plunged many into, all in Yoruba land.

These set of terrorists and part-time bandits are scared that their many criminal acts and atrocities will be tamed by the gallant men in the Southwest. Perhaps, one wonders how one’s neighbour would be angered he raised his perimeter fence by some metres!

Miyetti Allah, and their sponsors, must accept the fact that Yoruba people will not wait or wail while some sponsored criminals hack us down at nights and torch our houses at dawn.

Enough Is Enough!


Oluyi ‘Tayo Akintade,
National President

Oluwagbenga Ajongbolo,
National Publicity Secretary.



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