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Anambra Poll: Chidoka Campaign Slams Obiano’s Govt, APGA For Threatening Civil Servants

…Vows To Defend Workers

United Progressive Party (UPP).
United Progressive Party (UPP).

The Osita Chidoka Campaign Organization has become privy, with documented evidence, of threats by elements in the out-going Governor Willie Obiano’s administration to teachers and other civil servants in the state to vote for the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in the Saturday’s governorship election or face victimization.

This is completely wicked and a vicious act of extreme desperation, symptomatic of a drowning leader cast in a frenetic mode to hang unto power even when it is obvious that the time is up.

While we know that the Obiano administration and APGA have been in morbid fear of the popularity and overwhelming public endorsement of our candidate, Chief Osita Chidoka and our great party, the United Progressive Party (UPP), it is however, to say the least, despicable that in their nervousness they are seeking to drag down innocent civil servants for rejecting them.

However, while we salute the courage of the workers for mounting a stiff resistance and exposing this threat; and though we also know that Governor Obiano is already on his way out, the Osita Chidoka Campaign will still leave nothing to chance in protecting our civil servants, especially knowing they are dealing with very vicious elements.

In this regard, this organization has again assembled a team of lawyers to take up pro bono, any act of harassment, suspension, unwarranted transfer, query, delayed salaries, denial of promotion or any unjustified action against any civil servant before, during and after the elections.

We are already working with senior labour leaders in the state to ensure that all workers at all levels are covered and protected. We have the list of all workers and their designations and we are set to resist, with full force, and to any length, any infraction against any of them.

Whoever advised them to threaten our civil servants has helped the Obiano administration sound its death knell as the workers, by this are now fully determined to end the harassments by dealing APGA a devastating blow at the poll.

They failed to understand that these workers are ndi Anambra, who know their rights and by nature, cannot be intimidated. Anambra belongs to all of us and nobody should try to intimidate others. The people have chosen to rally with Chief Osita Chidoka and the UPP and no amount of threat can reverse that.

The fact remains that if the Obiano administration had done well, its backers would have no need to threaten people or act like that devious character, who, knowing that his time is up, prowls like a roaring lion seeking for who to devour.

Finally, we thank ndi Anambra for their support and assure that the Chidoka administration, as will be established on Saturday, November 18, 2017 through their votes, will usher in a new era of a prosperous state where no man is oppressed and where all live in equity without fear of molestation or harm.


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