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APC Awareness Forum on the illegal suspension of Senator Shehu Sani

The illegal suspension of Senator Shehu Sani from the APC is an important issue that has received wide spread condemnation by members of the public. Shortly after the announcement of the illegal suspension, we began a thorough investigation and our findings revealed that the Ward executives of the All Progressives Congress, (APC), were given mouth watery financial inducements to carry out the illegal act.

The constitution of the party provides that:

(a,) before a suspension of any senator, a letter should be written to him/her stating all the offences alleged to have been committed by him/her in order to defend himself/herself.

(b) and after the defence, a committee should be set up by the party to look into the defence.

It is sad and regrettable that all these provisions of the party constitution were ignored by the state government which controls the party because of the selfish interest of the State Governor.

I will make available some copies of the party constitution for you so that you will go through for a better and clear understanding of the position of the constitution on the critical issue of suspension of political office holders.

Interestingly, the state chairman of the party has described the so-called suspension as null and void, because he knows the position of the constitution in this type of crucial political issue.

Besides, if you could recall the former National Chairman of the party, Chief John Oyegun, while reacting to the illegal suspension said that the suspension was null and void and that it was only the National Executive Committee that has the legal right to suspend members of the party.



Chairman, APC Awareness Forum, Kaduna Chapter



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