Tuesday, May 30, 2023


Please before you read this, put on your thinking caps, forget your political affiliations, sentiments and possible servitude to any godfather or pay master.

Let’s think of this scenario that happened in a family of a man with two adulterous wives.

Unknown to their husband, his wives were united in extra – marital affairs.

They conducted their regular sexual escapades together in unity and sisterhood understanding.

In fact, at times, the two of them go to bed together with one man friend. (Let’s call such escapade ‘Double Double’ or ‘Conjoined’.

Such was the extent of their mutual love and understanding.

The unsuspecting husband was always happy that there was peace and cooperation in the house.

At times, he dropped them unknowingly where they were going for ‘Conjoined’, ‘Double Double’ or ‘Individual Straight Shot’.

The husband was so happy with his ‘lovely wives’ that he used to tell his friends how lucky he had been as a polygamist with no stress because his wives were like twins who love themselves.

In fact, he had virtually become apostle of polygamy recommending it to his other friends, many of whom were monogamous by status although ‘polygamous bed hoppers’ by nature.

One day, this ‘lucky husband’ got home and surprisingly met his two (hitherto) peaceful and united wives shouting, fighting raw, dirty and exposing all their joint and individual adulterous escapades. (Anybody that has witnessed when Nigerian former friendly women (friends or rivals) fight rough and exposed themselves would get a fair picture of a no – hold barred ‘roforofo’ woman – woman civil war.)

In the presence of a shocked and perplexed husband, and of course the crowd of ‘Ameboic Neighbours’, each wife wanted to out shine the other in the ridiculous game of self assured mutual destruction.

The exposure was so poisonous that names of their man friends, dates and venues were easily and angrily read out.

Let’s imagine a revelation war scene like this in the presence of their husband:

First wife: ‘You are an unrepentant prostitute, you are only pretending that you were faithful to our husband. Sebi, you dated Baba Sho, Dr. Dester, Chief Ebora, Alhaji Simple, Pastor Soweto…. You even aborted for that man who is now in Glasgow. I have forgotten his name but he used to tell us that he was the VC of UNISAMBISA, ……

Second Wife: You are an old fool, was it not you that dragged me into part time prostitution? Say your own.

Did Baba Sho not sleep with both of us together many times in hotels and even here in our husband’s house?

Did you not sleep with Bros Jide, Uncle Gboyega, Engineer Gokus, Lawyer Ero, Segun, Bros Gbenga and that Pilot that used to give you free ticket to Dubai, hen hen, I have remembered his name, Pilot Debo.

Is it only because I don’t want to expose you?…..

This drama of absurdity was enacted by the two shameless adulterous wives in the presence of their husband and neighbours.

Please, put yourself in the position of the disgraced and disrespected husband whose wives had collectively cheated on him, what would you do?

— Well, from my family upbringing and my code of conducts, none of the two useless, adulterous and shameless wives will stay a day longer in my house, after which I will proceed to conduct proper DNA test on all the children they said they born for me.

I will start looking for another Wife with certain attractions, discipline and morals based on my previous bad experience.

Well, it’s possible that some men (husbands) will send one wife away and retain the other, or even retain the two wives and start praying for their forgiveness.

I agree that democratic right does not cure self inflicted Stupidity or Foolishness.

It is beyond it’s functions.

PDP & APC are these two unrepentant same of same adulterous wives that have cheated and still cheating on us, Nigerians, their husbands, the reason it is possible to loot together, rig together, collect jumbo salaries together, cross carpet easily without stress.

Now they are exposing themselves on their looting escapades.

We must be reasonable Husbands Now!

Free your self from sentiment.

System Change is the Ultimate Answer!

Please Note: I bear no cost or responsibility for any accidental coincidence in names of the imaginary man friends please.



Author (unknown)



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