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APC youths attack Sen Urhoghide Over Buhari impeachment Motion

He was held hostage inside the VIP lounge of  the airport for over two hours by youths after his arrival from Abuja. Though PDP youths equally stormed the airport but they were chased away by the waiting APC youths.

Urhoghide, who got wind of the situation allegedly hid himself at the VIP lounge.

However, when Governor Godwin Obaseki arrived at the airport, Urhoghide made efforts to escape with the governor’s entourage but with the governor at the front of the VIP lounge, the APC youths pounced at him, removing his cap and hiting him with it.

The Senator returned to the lounge while Governor Obaseki entered his vehicle and zoomed off. However, the PDP leaders who were at the airport to honour him with a red carpet reception with the Edo cultural troupe members fled for their dear lives on sighting the youths.

As tension heightened at the airport,  some PDP youths were attacked by the angry APC youths as the State Commissioner of Police, Mr Babatunde Kokumo and his men made frantic efforts to save the Senator. One of the PDP youth leaders was arrested by the police.

Singing war songs, the APC youths said: “tell us what you have achieved as a Senator. You have not done anything for this constituency. You only care for your family. Tell us the projects you have attracted as a Senator.  You have not talked about yourself, you are calling for the impeachment of our President who is fighting corruption.

“‘We are telling Urhoghide to apologize because Edo South people did not send you to impeach Buhari. Why did you and your cohorts not impeach President Jonathan who looted the treasure as we have observed today? the youths queried.

When it became clear that the youths were not going to let Urhoghide leave the airport, soldiers came to the rescue. But the youths pretended they  left and returned when the soldiers left the airport.

However, the Edo Commissioner of Police made serious efforts to disperse the youths at about 6:55pm, an effort that enabled security agents to smuggle the senator into a waiting Prado jeep.

I will not be intimidated — Urhoghide

The Senator who spoke to journalists said he would not be intimidated.

¨I hope you people understand the working of the Senate. I am the Chairman, Senate Committee on Public Account. Every government expenditure falls on my table.

¨The President had a good intention of buying those equipment but the procedure was wrong and he has accepted that it was wrong. We have sworn  that we would uphold  the constitution. A good intention of buying something and a procedure that is wrong. What do we do?

¨The only thing that concerns the President’s office is Section 143. If you check Section 143, it is a long process. The first thing you have to do is investigation and correspondences will be entered into. The President has to be written and reply has to be received. We have not reached the issue of impeachment.

“Nobody on the floor of the Senate moved motion that the President should be impeached. If the papers reported that the President should be impeached, then,it is unfortunate. I am proud to be a Senator



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