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APDA Is Well Prepared To Take Nigeria To The Promise Land‎-Judah

Hon. Judah ‎Amisch,
Hon. Judah ‎Amisch,

By Peter Emmanuel

TheThe Chairman of Advance  Peoples Democratic Alliance (APDA) Adamawa State chapter, Hon. Judah ‎Amisch, has declared that APDA is well prepared to lead Nigeria to the promised land. Pointing that Nigeria is in a ‘serious’ mess and masses are suffering in the hands of  APC-led federal government. 

He stated this while speaking with a group of journalists who paid a visit to the state party secretariat ‎in Yola. Mr. Judah expressed concern over the level of suffering Nigerians are passing through. Stressing that APDA is the only political party in Nigeria with political will to bring Nigerians out of their agony and from its current economic disaster.
“As I am speaking to you right now, you know that Nigerians are tired of the current government. We have never experienced what we are experiencing today in the history of this country. Even food items that are for the common masses have skyrocketed and the economy is in bad shape since when APC took over power from the former ruling PDP in 2015. You are an eye witness, have you experienced this type of hardship we are experiencing today? Nigerians need a party with  vision, determination and courage to deliver them from the current quckmire”.
He however, called on Nigerians to join this moving train so that they can be sure of their safety. Adding that APDA is a new born political party with fresh blood and fresh energy to move Nigeria forward.
“APDA is the only option for Nigerians. I called on every Nigerian to come and join this moving train. We have promised to take this country to the next level‎ and we are committed to our mandate. I am assuring you that in 2019 APDA will take over government right from federal level to state and to the local government levels”.
Speaking in the same vein, a party chieftain, Hon. David Dunny Abraham, ‎express optimism that APDA has a better chance to take over power in 2019 general elections. Adding that APDA will carry the youths along because youths covered about 65 percent of the Nigerian population.
“I strongly believe that APDA will take over power from the ruling APC come 2019. We have the will and the determination to achieve our objectives. I called on all youths in Adamawa State and in Nigeria at large to come and join our fold so as to move the country forward. This party is your party, and the party holds the future for you”.
Both described the party board of trustee chairman, Mr. Dan Anyanwu, as a visionary leader. Noting that he is capable of taking the party to the promised land.


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