El’rufai’s Social media rats are at it again, this time just like a pack of hungry hyaenas unwittingly attacking a lion cub, instead of confronting the lion pride head-on. This is a cowardly act and most silly behaviour, if you ask me. Because, their boss has tried unsuccessfully to diminish the strenght of the mother body (SOKAPU) and possibly render it incapacitated because it has continuously challenged his executive RASCALITY and has shown the world how irresponsibly he has piloted the affairs of this state – particularly his handling of the inseccant attacks on harmless and armless Southern Kaduna farmers, by his bloodthirsty Fulani herdsmen.

The E-rats like their tyrannical boss lacking in wisdom, are acting in tandem with his (El’rufai’s) whimsical wishes. They are making frantic, yet fruitless efforts to bring down the youth wing of SOKAPU, in a frenzied and desperate move to destroy anything SOKAPU. Sadly, unknown to the hungry desperados and scavengers that they are, every lion cub is a lion. What a bitter way to learn about the pride of SOKAPU – unity in diversity.

Some of us have watched with mixed feelings (pity and bewilderment), how some scallywags amongst these QWERTY nitwits tried to knit up lies from the pit of hell, about a certain endorsement by SOKAPU youth wing of Senator Shehu Sani a couple of weeks ago. It is true that, while the Youth leader has since made a press statement debunking that faslehood, and challenged them to present their facts ( facts they don’t have), they have since scramed like dogs that they are. Moreso, neither Shehu Sani nor his media team has mentioned or celebrated this all-important endorsement, as claimed.

Secondly, having failed to make the lies stick albeit using some mercenaries of Southern Kaduna extraction, to mull this idea to take root. They are at it once again as expected, yet with another of such see-through lies. Now, they claim that a purported monetary gift from the same Senator Shehu Sani, to the SOKAPU Youth wing has torn the group apart and has set its leadership against its members.

Now, one wonders if a SOKAPU youth wing does not even have the right to endorse anyone? Or it shouldn’t accept gifts from anyone, whomsoever? These are really desperate times for El’rufai and his gang of social media miscreants to score points against SOKAPU. Well, like a pride of lions that we are, we take pride in doing justice and the only justice they deserve right now is to ignore their blatant attempt to get the SOKAPU mother body to roar, by attacking one it’s own. Well, keep working hard, because this time like other times before and in the future, you have failed woefully.
Kakwan Mugu.
Kafanchan, Kaduna State.

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