Cancer Patient: Nurses Union Commends Tambuwal for offsetting bills

By Ado Hassan, Sokoto

The Association of Graduate Nurses in Nigeria(AGNIN) has commended Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal for undertaking to foot the medical bill of one of their members, Maryam Abubakar, who is suffering from liver cancer and is due to undergo surgery in India.

In a letter addressed to the Governor signed by Chief SEO Egwuenu and Nshi GI, chairman and secretary respectively, the University Graduates of Nursing Science Association of Nigeria (UGONSA), praised Tambuwal for his “timely and unquantifiable support and assistance to save the life” of Ms. Abubakar.

“Although our association and some kindhearted Nigerians did their best within their limited capacity, the singular intervention of the Sokoto State Government, under your able and altruistic leadership earnestly made a crucial difference.

“Doling out the money by the Sokoto State Government to assist her at a time when all was bleak is an indelible gesture we shall forever remain grateful for. This gesture has proven to us that the selfless work we nurses do in the care of humanity is highly appreciated. It also stands as a living motivator that shall propel us to do more,” the letter, added.

The association described Tambuwal as a friend of the nurses, saying their members in the country are indebted to him for his consistent show of concern for their affairs and welfare.

“Earnestly, our sense of gratitude is so overwhelmed with joy for what you did for our sister that we feel that ‘thank you’ is so inadequate to express the depth of our appreciation, but we will say it anyway! His Excellency, with humility and utmost joy we say thank you, thank you and thank you”, the letter reads.

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