Kaduna State
Kaduna State
The Gbagyi Community in Kaduna State has called on Kaduna State Government to step up security in Chikun Local Government Area to contain the menace of insecurity.
A communiqué issued at the end of a stakeholders meeting in Kaduna praised efforts so far made by the State Government on security matters.
The communiqué noted that cases of kidnappings, rape, armed robbery and cattle rustling are once again on the rise in Chikun Local Government Area.
It said displacement of communities such as Lubusu, Bakin Lamba, Ugwan Waina, Kudo and Udawa had caused social and economic hardship for the people.
It observed that kidnapping and armed robbery had led to killings, extortions and forceful shutdown of schools and other socio economic activities.
Consequently the activities of the underworld had led to economic slowdown, increased poverty, political disruption and loss of revenue for Chikun Local Government Area as well as Kaduna State Government.
The Gbagyi Community called on the state government to step up reinforcement of security presence in Gwagwada, Bakin Lamba, Gariko, Dutse, Udawa, Kubusu, Kase and Kabai. Other communities affected are Ligari, Kajuru, Gadari, Dnakunu, Kasaya, Katarma Manin, and Danishi.
In addition, the Gbagyi Community called on Kaduna State Government to provide relief materials to affected persons protect whistle blowers and ensure prompt and effective prosecution of kidnappers, armed robbers and rapes.

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