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Coalition Kick Against Sponsors of Blackmails and Campaign of Calumny against Ahmad Isah & Brekete Radio

The Coalition of Concerned Civil Society Organisations in Nigeria today, Friday, May 21, 2021, warned the alleged sponsors of blackmails and campaign of calumny against Ahmad Isah, the President of Human Right Radio and Television, Brekete Family Radio, to desist from the act.

Ahmad Isah Ordinary President

The Coalition, while addressing a press conference at Arewa House, Kawo, Kaduna earlier today described the attack on Ahmad Isah and calls to ban the FM radio as an attack on the masses that would be resisted by all legal means.

Ahmad Isah, popularly called Ordinary President, had in a viral video developed emotions and slapped a female guest who was alleged to have inflicted grave injuries on her elder brother’s child, the action the latter had regretted and tendered his unreserved public apology.

Spokesperson of the Coalition Abdulsalam Mohammed Kazeem who read the press statement before the newsmen said, “we find it necessary and most expedient to lend our voice to the ongoing conspiracy theory, orchestrated by the oppressors of the masses otherwise tag conspirators who are ganging up to silence the only voice of the voiceless Nigerians.

“It’s never in question the impact and role of Ahmad Isah who hosts a daily program, Brekete family, on human right radio where issues of injustice against human and humanity are placed for public and authorities attention for immediate remedy and justice to the oppressed”.

To this coalition, numerous families, Individuals and cooperate/public entities have used the platform to secure justice against their respective oppressors, “the platform is the most celebrated public court of competent jurisdiction with the technical know-how of alternative dispute resolution cum contact and network across all aspect of law enforcement agencies cum Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies often used to secure clarification and backing for all cases presented before her panel”.

“It’s on record that human right radio which hosts Brekete Family daily program have won more cases for Nigeria citizens than National Human Rights Commission and Nigeria Police Force combined in the recent time.

“The recent imbroglio of assault by the anchor, the Ordinary President Ahmed Isah who lost the battle of emotional control to anger, occasioned by the gravity of the attempted murder by his guest was not enough reason to blackmail the human right Activist the ordinary president Ahmed Isah to silence at any rate.

“It beat our imagination that some set of oppressors could think of conspiring by hiding under this cheap incidence to call for the cancellation of Brekete Family program and disband of human right radio on Nigeria frequency airwaves”, he said.

To the embattled Ahmad Isah he said, “Ordinary President, Ahmed Isa should know that Nigerians have spoken and their voices should be his guide as it represents the supreme voice of the masses which is indirectly the reflection of the voice of Almighty God.

Brekete family program for any reason must not be stopped, the ordinary president Ahmed Isah should as a matter of urgency jettison any plan or thought to stop the program”, he added.

The coalition, is a cross section of representatives from the civil society, media, entertainment and religious/traditional institution.



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