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Coronavirus: Prayer to heal our land

The Interfaith Mediation Centre, (IMC), is using this medium to call on all faith based organizations, institutions and nations of the world concerning the Coronavirus, also known as Covid 19 which is still claiming lives across the world and subsequently affecting religious gatherings/practices, businesses, government activities in both private and public sphere, and plunging the world into famine.

As an Interfaith organization, who believes in propagating the message of love and forgiveness, we beckoned to all faith based groups the world over to intercede for God’s mercy and intervention and bring to an end this threat to human existence.

In view of this, we also call on the United Nations to as a matter of urgency declare a day for global prayer of healing for God’s intervention across the world from this global pandemic.

1. We pray for God’s protection over our families, community’s members, regions and nations of the world. 

2.  Pray for healing for those in turmoil of the virus. 

Our hope and prayers for those that are quarantine for God’s mercy and healings, as we call on all religious groups and institutions to continue to educate their adherents on the basic knowledge of hand washing, and to avoid touching other sensitive part of the head with the hands. 

Our faith is strong as we pray for those that are vulnerable. The medical team and researchers working day and night in contributions to end the pandemic situation, we thanked all for their oneness as we passed through this trying moments, hoping that our prayers will bring the desired healings to our land.

We also use this medium to condole with the bereaved families and ask for God’s continual and reassuring presence with each and every one of them. 

May healings prevail in our land and the World!

Pastor Dr. James Movel Wuye & Imam Dr. Muhammad Nurayn Ashafa 

Co-Executive Directors

For: Interfaith Mediation Centre, Kaduna – Nigeria



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