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Countdown to Another Milestone: Aliyu Sidi Attahiru set to Launch a Foundation- ASATTAHIR International Foundation.

All appears to be set for the formal launching of an International Foundation by Malam Aliyu Sidi Attahiru as continuation of his humanitarian endeavors.

Malam Aliyu Sidi Attahiru

Speaking to newsmen at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) shortly after receiving certificate of incorporation of the ASATTAHIR International Foundation, Malam Aliyu Sidi revealed that the decision to register the foundation is born out of his renewed commitment to serve humanity with humility.

The foundation according to him, is a culmination of various philanthropic and humanitarian services and endeavors in support of different categories of people in the society.

Malam Aliyu Sidi further appreciated the support and encouragement he receive from friends, family members and associates, which culminated to the establishment of the foundation.

He also assured the general public that this platform will be wrap in the flag for humanitarian courses.

In his elaboration as to the focus of the foundation, Mal Aliyu outlined the objectives of the foundation as follows:

1. To enhance and facilitate people’s empowerment particularly the less privileged and vulnerable persons across the strata of the society.

2. To facilitate conflict resolution and peace building in the society.

3. To provide support to the less privileged people in critical areas of need such as Health care, Education and Nutrition.

4. To provide and or facilitate the evolution of employment schemes for women, youth as well as Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC).

5. To support and collaborate with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Non governmental Organizations (NGOs) to facilitate the attainment of their objectives in humanitarian activities.

6. To conceive and implement community development programs and projects that have direct and decisive impact on the less privileged people in the society.

7. To support and encourage the provision of structural and institutional framework for quality Islamic Education in decent and most appropriate atmosphere in the society.

8. To initiate, enhance and champion awareness campaign for the evolution of morally upright society through lectures, workshops, seminars, symposiums and periodic “moral Talks” targeting different categories of people in the society.

Responding to questions from newsmen as to the formal launching of the foundation, Mal. Aliyu suggests that schedule for the formal launching of the foundation will be announced in due course.

ASATTAHIR International Foundation.


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