COVID 19: Local Government Response Recovery And Accountability Mechanism Series Jema’a LGA

The local government accountability mechanism series is the first edition since the joint effort of the Kaduna State Ministry of local government and Partnership to Engage, Reform and Learn (PERL) facilitated by civil society in Kaduna including the Coalition of Associations for Leadership, Peace, Empowerment and Development-CALPED; the mechanism was inaugurated in the five pilot local government of kaduna state. The mechanism which encourages for open response, citizens engagement, accountability and co-creation towards improving good governance have been five of the 23 local government areas namely: Jema’a, Zaria, Lere, Kajuru and Chikun local government areas.

6 months after they are established, CALPED in collaboration with Ground Zero hosts the council Chairman on a virtual meeting for both sides of government to evaluate how useful and helpful the local government accountability mechanism have proven to be during the Covid-19 crisis and emergency. There is no doubt that there may have been challenges and there may have been new innovation deployed towards ensuring that there is continuous and governance and service delivery.

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Importantly too, nothing else matters more than how the council chairman is thinking and working toward sustaining what has been built towards improving good governance in the current dispensation as key reforms being driven by the Kaduna State Government to improve fiscal transparency and sustainability in her local governments.

The series provides a platform for discussion to hold where members of the local government accountability mechanism civil Society with media are engaging with the council chairman to assess opportunities and challenges governance is faced with amidst the coronavirus emergency and crisis.

Listen to the audio and the embedded video to follow the conversation around local government accountability mechanism in mere local government area.

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