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Defunct CPC former guber candidate, Magaji Gusau refutes marginalisation claims, says’ its relevance seeking’ cgtcjtf

By Ado Hassan, Sokoto

A Sokoto major stakeholder in the defunct CPC , Ibrahim Magaji Gusau on Tuesday dislodged the marginalisation  claims last weekend by Professor Muhammad Lawal Bashir saying his (Bashir) position was a calculated attempt to discredit the Sokoto state government and the Federal Republic of Nigeria led by the All Progressives Congress.

Similarly, the veteran politician described the move by Bashir as one seeking job from the APC  Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s led presidential reconciliation committee to finance his privately owned school, Minarat Schools, Sokoto.

According to him” Bashir was never part of and had never participated in active capacity as a member of the defunct CPC. He is a member of APC

Professor Bashir had last Saturday alleged marginalisation of members of the defunct CPC in both elective and appointive positons by the Tambuwal’s government.

He requested the intervention of President Buhari to request the presidential reconciliation  committee led by Tinubu to address the matter.

Gusau who was  one time Gubernatorial candidate on the defunct CPC before the merger spoke at.a press conference in Sokoto in reaction to what he described as unfounded claims by Professor Bashir.

” His claims are baseless, untrue and calculated at gaining cheap publicity and to cause disaffection among active members of our resilient party.

” In fact we the members of the defunct CPC have benefitted tremendously from the merger process and agreement with about 100 elective and appointive positions from local governments, state and federal levels. We are holding seven key positions and various boards appointments.

While further refuting the position of Bashir whom he fully acknowledged was a member of APC, Gusau maintained that he was never a stakeholder in CPC hay days” I wonder in what capacity he spoke on behalf of the defunct party.

” Moreso, he was a chairman of the a Sokoto SUBEB not because he is a Professor but as a member of APC

Gusau deposed to the fact that ” I Ibrahim Magaji Gusau categorically state that the government of APC in Sokoto and Nigeria have been fair and considerate to the merger terms and I am among the beneficiaries of the current government courtesy CPC”, he said.



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