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ECOWAS Youths Parliament Presents 2019 PAN African Award To Kajuru LGA Chairman

The delegates of the Economic Community of West African States youths parliament, has presented what is known as twenty nineteen PAN African award to the chairman, Kajuru local government area of Kaduna state,  Mr Cafra Boaz Caino, in recognition as an Icon of humanitarian service.

The ceremony was held at the Local Government Secretariat and attracted dignitaries and diplomats who have carved a niche for themselves.

The deputy speaker ECOWAS youths parliament Nigeria, Ambassador Ola Kolawale,who led the delegates showered encomium on the chairman of the Local Government Council, Mr Cafra Boaz Caino, asserting that the recipient had made a milestone achievements few months upon assumption of office.

He said that owing to this development, ECOWAS youths parliament find him worthy of the Icon of humanitarian service award.

Ambassador Kolawole further buttress his point by saying that the awardee deserves more than this in view of his drive sustained to augment the lives of the inhabitants of Kajuru.

Earlier in his remark, the secretary to the deputy speaker ECOWAS youths parliament Ivory Coast, Ambassador Abdulfatoo Asalafi, said the chairman of the local government council Mr Cafra, had distinguished himself with exceptional characters especially in the areas of excellent representation, uprightness in terms of judgement, astuteness while delivering good governance, doggedness in his drive to bring transformation to the people, as well as diligence in the discharge of his statutory obligations.

Presenting the award to the recipient, Ambassador Elizabeth Julius minority leader Nigeria, ECOWAS youths parliament described the recipient as a political Icon who is endowed with encyclopedic knowledge to bridge the faultlines which has been an impediments to the national growth.

Speaking further, Ambassador Thomas Mathew majority leader Ghana, ECOWAS youths parliament, noted that the recipient’s achievements to transform the area into the next level development is something to be reckoned with, a development he said prompted the ECOWAS youths parliament to co-opt the awardee into the ECOWAS hall of fame with a view to accord him the opportunity to share his wealth of experience for other leaders to emulate.

In furtherance, Tunde Taiwo who also formed part of the delegates, said the recipient was the first and the youngest ever in the anal history of the ECOWAS youths parliament to receive the outstanding twenty nineteen PAN African award.

Speaking shortly after receiving the award, the Chairman Kajuru local government Mr Cafra Boaz Caino, appreciated the ECOWAS youths parliament for finding him worthy amongst many, saying the award could not have been possible without the support of Governor NasirElrufa’i of Kaduna state and the entire people of Kajuru, and assure them of his administration commitment to sustain the tempo.



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