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EDO 2024 SPOTLIGHTS: Monday Okpebholo


The ability of parrots to learn and mimic sounds is one of the factors that contribute to their popularity as pets.

According to local slang, parrots often talk too much and can be annoying.

Despite being highly intelligent birds.

Then there are the Eagles, which are some of the largest birds with distinct characteristics.

It is common to hear someone say that you speak too much like a parrot, and it is also common to hear someone say that they are as strong as an eagle.

Let’s quickly evaluate what Monday Okpebholo said to determine whether he is correct or not.

1 Eagles Have Vision

It is well known that the Eagle has an excellent vision; sight is the most powerful of all eagle senses.

Great leaders from the past and present all have one thing in common: vision.

This is a successful leadership characteristic; today, we all celebrate Edo Central because of Monday’s Okpebholo visionary leadership.

Leaders need to have a vision that directs and inspires their team to work toward societal goals.

For great things to happen, our leaders need to have a clear vision.

2 Eagles are fearless:

An eagle will never give in to its prey’s size or strength.

It will never back down from a fight to capture its prey or reclaim its territory.

Fearless leaders achieve success. They confront issues head-on.

3. Eagles are Tenacious:

This can be noticed during a storm, when other birds fly away from the storm with fear, an eagle spreads its mighty wings and uses the current to soar to greater heights.

The eagle takes advantage of the very storm that lesser birds fear and head for cover.

*Leaders face a variety of difficulties, including storms that they must weather head-on if they are to reach new heights. A leader shouldn’t be afraid of a challenge.*

But those who put their hope in the Lord will have their strength renewed, according to Isaiah 40:31.

They will fly like eagles, run without getting tired, and walk without feeling dizzy.

The only bird that will prick an eagle is the crow.

He sits on his back and bites his neck.

The Eagle doesn’t react or challenge the Crow to a fight.

No time or effort is wasted on the crow. It just opens up its wings and soars higher in the air. As the altitude rises, breathing becomes more challenging for the crow. The lack of oxygen eventually causes the crow to fall off. The time of leaders is not wasted on crows(distractions).

4 Eagles are High Flyers:

Eagles can fly up to an altitude of 10,000 feet, but they are able to swiftly land on the ground.

At 10, 000 feet, you will never find another bird. If you find another bird, it has to be an eagle.

Great leaders are problem solvers.

They don’t complain as the pigeons do.

They love to take challenges as the eagle does when the storm comes.

5 Eagles Never Eat Dead Meat:

An eagle never consumes dead meat. To put it another way, an eagle does not scavenge. It only consumes the meat of the prey it kills. Eagles consume raw and fresh meat.

A real leader associates with those who are dynamic and liberal in their thinking.

A leader must surround himself with intelligent individuals who can reason, decide, and act. These are the individuals who alter society. Great leaders have a responsibility to search for them.

6 Eagles are energetic :

Although eagles are dynamic and visionary, they also take the time to reflect on their past experiences and reenergize themselves. At around age 30, this occurs.

When the Eagles turn 30, their physical health begins to rapidly deteriorate, making it challenging for them to survive.

The eagle never ceases to exist, which is what makes it so fascinating. Instead, it retreats to a mountaintop and undergoes a metamorphosis over a five-month period.

It bangs its own beak against a rock to remove it, then pulls out its talons and feathers. Each stage results in the body parts that were removed growing back, extending the eagle’s lifespan by another 30 to 40 years.

The best leaders constantly “check and balance” their personal and professional lives and strive to learn something new each day.

7 Eagles Nurture their younger ones:

True leaders are not dictators.

They grow alongside their people.

They strive to help individuals in the team or society reach their full potential.

They teach and guide in the same way that the mother eagle does.

They never stop challenging, but they also never stop inspiring and leading.

Today Monday Okpebholo happens to be the greatest 2024 APC Edo Gubernatorial Candidate that is so love by both Men and women in state.

His vision is clear and he possesses all these characteristics mentioned above of the Eagle, Monday Okpebholo aka Akpakomiza never said he does not have the traits of the highly intelligent parrot, but he said I Talk Less, Think More And Do More, I Am More Of An Eagle Than A Parrot.




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