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#Egbon Femi Adesina’s arrogance of power

I just read Egbon Femi Adesina’s Epistle titled, “PMB AND THE DESCENDANTS OF SHIMEI” in which he likened Nigerians that are asking questions about the state of health of President Buhari to the descendants of the Biblical Shimei, the son of Gera.

Let me bring the attention of Egbon Femi Adesina to what happened in the United States of America this week.

Senator John McCain of the USA who is about same age with Buhari had brain cancer surgery this week in his country and it was made public. Americans knew what was wrong with their senator and knew what type of prayer to say for the retired army hero. It was even Senator John McCain’s spokesperson that announced his state of health and the hospital where he was being treated.

But here in Nigeria, Egbon Femi Adesina, a Presidential Spokesperson is describing Nigerians as descendants of Shimei for simply asking questions about the state of health of their president.

APC apologists are even assisting Egbon Femi Adesina to interpret those he catigorised as descendants of Shimei as Governor Ayodele Fayose and Femi Fani-Kayode.

I agree with Egbon Femi Adesina that anyone can fall sick. But President Buhari is not just anyone. He is the President of Nigeria, whose Medicare is being funded with money belonging to the people. So Nigerians, whose money is being spent on President Buhari deserve to know how and where their president is.

If Buhari had remained a private citizen of Nigeria, rearing his cows in Daura, no one will be interested in details of his health status.

Funny enough, Egbon Femi Adesina believed Nigerians no longer remember how his people in the APC organised protests to demand for the health status of late President Yar’Adua.

President Buhari even called for the impeachment of Yar’Adua while his Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed demanded for daily updates on Yar’Adua’s health status.

Should we also call President Buhari a descendant of Shimei for calling for the impeachment of Yar’Adua in 2010.

Should Lai Mohammed, who demanded daily update on Yar’Adua’s health status be called a descendant of Shimei too?

Is the Acting President Yemi Osinbajo’s Spokesman, Tolu Ogunlesi, who tweeted on 3/1/2010 that; “Obama health info is publicly available, so why is Yar’Adua’s classified?” also a descendant of Shimei?

Obviously, Egbon Femi Adesina is like the proverbial amudapani (One who kills with sword) that is always afraid of mere image of a sword.

While I am not interested in bringing Egbon Femi Adesina down from his pinnacle of power arrogance where he once called Nigerians WAILING WAILERS, he must be told that if he and his pay-masters are not descendants of Shimei when they organised protest against Yar’Adua instead of praying for him, those Nigerians asking them for info on President Buhari’s health status cannot be categorized as descendants of Shimei.

Nigerians are simply doing the same thing President Buhari and others did when the health status of Yar’Adua was shrouded in secrecy and for that, only a power arrogant person will call them descendants of Shimei.

Funny enough, Egbon Femi Adesina cannot beat his chest and say with certainty that he knew President Buhari’s state of health when he was writing his Epistle in the bedroom of his descendants of Shimei.

Lere Olayinka



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