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Ekiti 2018: How Fayose Is Blackmailing The Council Of Obas With Politics Of Zoning Against Competent Candidates.

An insight into how the governor of Ekiti state, Ayodele Fayose, maneuver monarchs’ in the state to limit the upcoming governorship contest to the South district, has emerged, with sources linking the move to the unrelented attempt to impose Fayose’s deputy, Olusola Eleka, on the state. 

On Saturday, many Ekiti indigenes were taken aback after the monarchs’ dabbled into murky political waters, when it attempted to forgo competence and merit for zoning, an unconstitutional approach of choosing leadership.

The decision of the monarchs’ evoked mixed reactions from citizens. While some shared the views of the monarchs’, others contended that it was a decision not deserving of their status and that they should not allow themselves to become a tool for politicians.

But as the pronouncement of the traditional rulers continue to generate reactions in the state, those in the know detailed the behind the scenes intrigues that pressured the monarchs’ to take the stand on zoning.

A chief to one of the influential monarchs in the state but craved anonymity, said while the traditional rulers wanted to maintain neutrality on the governorship race, the governor resorted to tricks and intimidations to ensure that they agreed to the zoning.

He narrated how the meeting of the traditional rulers turned into an endorsement, noting that while the monarchs’ were having their usual meeting, Fayose dashed onto them on the pretense that he was invited.

“No, that is not the true situation of what transpired,” he retorted when asked for his view on the restriction of other indigenes from the governorship contest.

“Our babas (Obas) are fathers to all but they were arm-twisted to take that stand, which I can assure you doesn’t convey their true feelings.”

When asked to be specific on who could have influenced the traditional rulers to announce their choice for zoning, he succinctly responded by asking “so, you want me to tell you what is obvious? Who would the zoning favour?”

Another source who also asked not to be named, pointed out that the posture of the monarchs’ was obvious that they were pressured to attempt to frustrate competent indigenes from the governorship race, noting that Fayose was at the meeting to put more pressure on them.

“It was Fayose desperation at play,” the source said. “It just a cover to give credibility to impose he (Eleka) on Ekiti people and Fayose, as someone who he is, tried to use our traditional rulers to blackmail other competent aspirants.”

“But that will not work. It has already failed as you can observed from reactions. “Our problems as a state goes beyond a zone but who have the capacity to deliver good governance,” he said.



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