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#EndSARS : Soro Soke’! The Rebellious Chant That Fueled The Nigerian Youths

  • Three years later 15 still in police custody..
  • Will 2020 event repeat its self?.

In the year 2020, something something remarkable happened in Nigeria, something the nation’s elders never saw coming, what was that you may ask? well, in a first of its kind the Nigerian youths came together with one voice against something.

The internet was basically on fire! As so many hastags sprang up like:




These and many more hastags were used to express the anger and displeasure of several Nigerians over the failure of our leaders, the youths had basically had enough!

This issue gave birth to a very powerfully phrase called ”Soro Soke’ werey” which was tagged a rebellious chant but was meant to encourage youth to speak out.

Both home and abroad this chant took on a lot of meaning It was first a call to protesters not to give up and also a reminder to Nigerians not to lose focus as they pressed home their demands for a better Nation.

Peaceful protest walk across major cities in Nigeria was organized. It seemed like suddenly the citizens had woken up from a long sleep. It was indeed a beautiful sight as many Nigerians irrespective of religion, age, gender and status came together to achieve something.

But saddly, it was short lived as tragedy befell some of the youths. On October 20th, 2020 in the night time at about 9pm the Nigerian army opened fire on armless protesters at lekki tollgate in Lagos living some lifeless and several others injured.

The whole world went silent as the incident sent shock waves to the heart of many as Naija for life became Naija wey kill him own pikin.

Its been 3years now and the scene still remains fresh in our memories, the world may forget but we will never forget especially those who lost their lives in a bid to create and see a better Nigeria.

Unfortunately, some of the youth who went out to protest and was arrested are still in the police custody wasting away.

According to report by PUNCH amnesty International said a total of fifteen protesters arrested during the #EndSARS protest of 2020 are still being arbitrarily detained three years later.

The international organisation on Friday said in a statement on its website that the majority of the protesters are in Kirikiri Medium Correctional Centre and Ikoyi Medium Security Correctional Centre in Lagos without trial.

The organisation also accused the authorities of filing trumped-up charges including theft, arson, possession of unlawful firearms, and murder against many of the protesters.

It listed seven #EndSARS protesters, Daniel Joy-Igbo, Sodiq Adigun, Sunday Okoro, Olumide Fatai, Oluwole Isa, Shehu Anas, and Akiniran Oyetakin to have been arbitrarily held in Kirikiri Medium Correctional Centre.

While another eight protesters, Segun Adeniyi, Onuorah Odih, Jeremiah Lucky, Gideon Ikwujomah, Irinyemi Olorunwanbe, Quadri Azeez, Olamide Lekan and Sadiq Riliwan, according to the organisation, are currently detained without trial in Ikoyi Medium Security Correctional Centre in Lagos since 2020.

Something has to be done, the government needs to intervene and set these ones free.

Its been three solid years and i wonder if the youths will ever come out again to press home their demands on any issue, could it be that they have chickened out? well, who knows?.

But i hear some say, ”Nigeria is not worth dyeing for” but still expect a change and i will say, change always comes with good or bad consequences so, if you are not ready to make the sacrifices for others who will make the sacrifices for you?

Soro Soke’! Food for thought for the weekend!

In loving memory of those who joined the protest and those who lost their lives in lekki toll gate (2020).




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