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Entitlement And Its Pitfalls: The Dangers Of Political Entitlement In Edo State – Insights From The Esan Perspective

So let’s begin by defining the Esan agenda. Evident supporters of the Esan agenda claim that Edo North held the governorship for 8 years, Benins held it for 16 years, and Edo Central held it for just over a year.

This viewpoint is valid and shows good judgement. The current circumstance, however, indicates a worrying reality: Edo Central has continually experienced marginalisation, with the difficulty in generating a deputy governor further aggravating the problem.

While understandable, the essential query is: What electoral value does Edo Central bring to the table?

Edo Central holds a comparable electoral weight to that of Oredo local government. However, it is worth noting that some argue that the Ishans constitute a significant voting bloc in Edo South.

Drawing a parallel to the recent Governorship elections in Lagos, we witnessed a situation where the South East region believed that their population in Lagos would sway votes in favor of the LP candidate.

This belief led to a misguided perception that Lagos was a “no man’s land.” Consequently, an unexpected turn of events occurred, transforming into an unfortunate ethnic conflict. Yoruba indigenes, who had previously worked and voted against Tinubu, suddenly succumbed to tribal sentiments and voted for their own.

Engaging in conversations filled with animosity and resorting to shutting down individuals, including passionate writers like myself, does not contribute to the validity of your arguments.

It is noticeable that whenever someone advocates for a candidate from Edo North or South, insults are hurled as if the Esan community, with its population, could emerge victorious in a battle solely based on insults.

It is worth noting that resorting to insults and attempts to silence others will not alter the existing narrative.

Esan’s narrative holds promise, but it requires a strategic approach rather than relying solely on words. In a family setting, the last child cannot assert their rights without seeking the support of the elder siblings, unless they happen to be the sole breadwinners of the entire family.

Unfortunately, in the case of Edo Central, they do not hold the position of being the primary contributors to the region’s prosperity.

Certainly! If we acknowledge the notion that Esans possess a substantial voting population in Edo South, it leads us to ponder the situation in Edo North, which has an even larger population than Edo Central. Additionally, Edo North’s population is not confined solely within its borders, as it also extends into Edo South.

Therefore, if Esans are believed to have a strong presence in Edo South, it prompts us to consider the potential influence of Edo North, with its larger population and its own share of residents in Edo South. Consequently, it becomes evident that Edo Central does not hold a monopoly on migration to Edo South.

Let’s consider it from a different perspective. Edo South, with its major urban centers such as Egor, Ikpoba Okha, Oredo, and Orhionmwon, represents the main vibrant towns in the region. Consequently, it is often assumed that the Ishans are concentrated there. However, it raises questions: Are they equally populated in Ovia North or Edo North?

Now consider this: if the least populous region in Edo State can accumulate a sizable following in Edo South, what kind of following could Edo North, with its greater population, amass in Edo South?

Amusingly, diverse individuals can be found everywhere. Whether you accept it or not, the population of Edo North surpasses that of the Esans in Edo South, including Benin City and its surrounding areas.

Now, I challenge you to assert if the Benins are equally populous in Edo North.

Applying common sense, if we assert that Esans are highly populated in Edo South, it logically follows that the people of Edo North hold the distinction of being the most populous in Edo State.

This conclusion is supported by the fact that a significant number of immigrants from both Edo North and Edo Central reside in Edo South, while comparatively fewer immigrants from Edo South and Edo Central settle in Edo North.

“Make we put dis argument aside for anoda day. My aim na just to silence all those people wey dey talk say Edo Central people plenty well well  for Benin Metropolis . Make we silence dem sharp-sharp before dem come dey vex dem hosts.”

As I conclude, I leave you with this nugget of wisdom: Entitlement carries inherent risks when a region pursues political entitlement.

It can result in detrimental consequences such as strained relationships, diminished accountability, compromised performance, decreased empathy, hindered personal growth, heightened social tension, and perpetuation of inequality.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah is the chairman and CEO of Bush Radio Academy.

09010649814 Whasapp only. Email ireporteronline@gmail.com

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