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ESAN WEST LGA POLITICS: Peace Comes in the Morning as You settle your leadership Crisis

By Prince Kelly O. Udebhulu

EKPOMA – The prevailing leadership crisis that seems unsettled will soon embrace peaceful resolution among the leaders who have supporters that look unto them for directives and hope.

It should be noted that there world definitely be some that are not helping to find solutions as they are more of sycophants than loyalists.

It is a pitiable scenario in Esan West local government politics. The alien fingers in the leadership crisis is obvious for even the blind to see but some of the leaders are hardened by their non holistic beliefs and convictions.

If these unsettled leadership disputes that hinder development in the local government area persist more than envisaged, many columnists would have reason to conclude that the fight by these leaders is based on selfish interests and not for the good or welfare of the inhabitants of Esan West local government area.

What would it cost sincere leaders to sit down with one another on a round table, voice out their grievances and settle with one another for the benefits of the people?

It is possible to harbour grudges but when unbridled pride and arrogance hold it much longer than expected, the leaders’ integrities drop dramatically.

It is wise to settle amicably now before Party regulation are invoked to settle it by fiat !!!

In the caption above, if the APCs decision on direct party primaries holds, the leadership crisis in Esan West will then be resolved by the direct party primaries to be adopted by the leadership of the All Progressives Congress, APC, which will bring free, fair and credible candidates for the forthcoming 2019 general elections and the good people of Esan West local government will decide based on whom the cap truly fits.

The unnecessary fight to become the king (kings) who decide (s) who becomes a candidate directly would be minimised and lowered.

Politically, as no more imposition of candidate to the people by the leaders and stakeholders of the party, the supremacy instincts and the prejudicial tools will be lowered invariably. The need for the unnecessary leadership crisis in Esan West will end naturally.

It is worthy of note that the people of Esan West local government are peace loving people. They want development to come but as these leaders continue in their rather unending fight for so long, there is no one to lead any lobby group to the government for development in the area – the people thus suffer severe neglects and the party is invariably affected.

However, now that the released guidelines of the party allows direct primaries, every aspirant will be more answerable to the party members directly than before, and it is hoped that peace shall return to Esan West local government area and also to the leaders’ camp accordingly.

Shalom !!!



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