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FG approves $1 billion to boost agriculture…….RIFAN Applauds Councils Endorsement.

The National President of the Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria (RIFAN), Alhaji Aminu Goronyo has commended Nigeria’s Council of State for approving $1 billion to boost agriculture as well as empower livestock production.

In a statement issued in Sokoto on Saturday, Goronyo said that the Friday’s endorsement of the amount by the Council “is an absolute endorsement that the Federal government is doing it right in the area of agricultural development.”

He further observed that upping agricultural funding from $200 million to $1 billion meant that Nigeria would be back to its glorious years of agricultural giant.

“This is an upward review from $200 million. It means that our leaders have thought it right; they have endorsed the viability of agriculture as the mainstay of Nigeria’s economy. It means that the Federal government is threading on the right path. It also means that the totality of Nigerians have us at heart,” Goronyo said.

He also said that the inclusion of cattle farmers by the federal government was a way of curtailing the present squabbles between farmers and cattle-breeders.

“The financial assistance to herdsmen will tame the incessant clashes between our farmers and the herdsmen thereby giving vent for our farmers to concentrate on producing food for the people of Nigeria as well as for commercial purposes,” he said.

Goronyo called on farmers to take advantage of this opportunity and avoid being involved in clashes that leaves their farms in devastation, advising that they should report trespassers into their farmlands to the nearest security agencies.

“I call on farmers, especially rice farmers who are engaged in year-round food production to take advantage of this opportunity by avoiding all means of clashes with herdsmen. Instead of engaging herdsmen during any intrusion, farmers should rush to report incidences to the nearest security agencies,” he advised.

On Friday, the Council of State, which is attended by past Presidents and Heads of State, endorsed Federal government approval of $1 billion upped from £200 million to boost Nigeria’s agricultural production.



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