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Governors And President Should stop  Celebrations Of 100 Days In Office – Shu’aibu Mikati

SHU’AIBU IDRIS MIKATI, is a politician, a patriotic Nigerian, a Business man, an analyst on politic, economic issues of the world and also an opinion leader that is leading by example makes so many revelation in an interview with our Reporter Imrana Abdullahi on some issues affecting Nigeria as a nation.


…government at the centre is to come out of the shameful and disgraceful situation we are in now



Question- On the issue Giving Back to Society

Mikati – The reasons behind sponsorship of Billboards carrying messages calling on citizens to help governments at all level in fight against the menace of drug abuse, human trafficking, child and gender violence to mention but a few is basically to seek to give back to the society. Indeed our religion ordained us to not only be good and do good but also to encourage people to do good and discourage them from doing evil. My dear in doing this little or token contribution to the society and indeed mankind is to seek the pleasure of Allah.

I pray that Allah SWT accepts it as an act of Ibadah amin


Question – Position and Opinion on Celebration of first 100 days in Office


Mikati – To my mind, I sincerely believe that both Governors and President should endeavour to stop the aberration of celebrations of 100 days in office. A President or a Governor who is elected to serve for a first term of four years or 1,464 days shouldn’t be wasting his time and resources to celebrate 100 days in office as this is just 6. 8 percent of the journey.

It’s rather too early and hasty to begin to sing praises. Most elected officials have not even settle down, form government or understand the nature and enormity of the challenges before them.


A few of those who came fully prepared would have either just finished conceptualisation of policies or may have just announced programmes and policies thus not implemented to a level where either impact can be felt or results seen. Herein lays the wisdom of jettisioning this 100 days celebrations as it does not add value instead it distract attention and drains resources.


One may say that even some of the policy pronouncement made appear to be in a rush and not fully thought out. Cabinet members announced are significantly men and women of timber and caliber but portfolio assignment appears to be somewhat not as expected because while some round pegs were put in round holes there a few round pegs that were placed in squares.


At the federal level, mix and confusing or conflicting signals on fiscal and monetary policies are coming. The number of ministers appear rather too large given our lean resources and the pragmentation of certain ministeries appear to uncalled for and ill advised.


Question –  Subsidy removal and its consequences, Way forward


Answer – I am not sure if we will ever go back to the erra of fuel subsidy. Nigerians have adjusted and life continues! Way forward is to readjust and adapt to the reality of our time. Governments should quickly implement the much talked about palliative so that Nigerians can have some relief.


It’s sad that it took us such a long time to achieve this but its better late than never. Incidentally all the Presidential candidates during the last general election promised to remove subsidy on petrol! This is because there appears to be concensus of opinion on this issue amongst broad spectrum of people in Nigeria on the matter.


My suggestion to government at the centre is to come out of the shameful and disgraceful position or situation this country is in by quickly getting all our refineries back in to production.



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