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Govt., Mottainai to Set Up Recycling Hubs Across Oyo State

The Oyo State Solid Waste Management Consultant, Mottainai Recycling Ltd. has hinted that it is working on setting up mini recycling hubs across the state, adding that Oja Anajeere, Academy market, Ibadan is one of the pilot locations.

The Managing Director, Mottainai Recycling, Mr. Adey Adewuyi stated this today, adding that this will promote waste as a valuable currency for social good and economic inclusion.

Govt., Mottainai to Set Up Recycling Hubs Across Oyo State

Adewuyi, who emphasized that the hubs will increase awareness on Waste challenges and solutions in Ibadan, added that the recycling hubs will encourage residents to adopt the habit of recycling and turn their waste into wealth.

Adewuyi recalled that in commemoration of World Clean-up Day 2022, Mottainai Recycling Limited carried out the first state-wide clean up exercise in Ibadan, recovering over Five thousand, One hundred and seventy (5,170) kilograms of plastics and over one thousand, one hundred (1,100) kilograms of cartons during the exercise.

“The Clean-up exercise, first of its kind in Oyo State promoted sensitization and awareness at large on how a waste-free environment can maximize sales, prevent outbreak of diseases, foster good health practices and in turn generate wealth at Oja Anajere, Academy community market, at Iwo road”, he said.

Adey Adewuyi, explained that the initiative was borne out of the need to ensure that Oyo state is clean and people inculcate better lifestyle changes towards the environment because waste management is a collective responsibility.

“This is part of the Oyo State Government’s efforts to change the trajectory of sustainable waste management practices in Oyo state”, he said.

Explaining the significance of the recycling exercise, Adewuyi stated that this would create a mind-shift as individuals are able to sort their waste, “because they see value in it and this will surely change the dynamics for Recycling Structure in Oyo State, hence the introduction ‘Recyclables for Reward’ where participants were given instant rewards for recyclables such as PET and plastics and cartons”.

Highlight of the event was the “Recyclables for Rewards Raffle Draw”, when a thrift ware vendor in the market, Mrs Oguntade Nofisat, walked away with the grand prize of a parcel of land.



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