I have patiently watched what the reactions and reading of the Quit Notice to the Igbo in the North, issued yesterday by the Coalition of “Northern Youth” Organizations in their so-called Kaduna Declaration, it is clear that the carefully choreographed sabre rattling and trademark brinkmanship of the hawks of the North.

From the East, apart from MASSOB that seems to have read the situation correctly, it is clear that many are taken in by the shallow game being played by the distressed Northern hawks, acting through their so-called “Northern Youths” some of whose grandchildren are in high school.

The contents of the Quit Notice presents such a revisionist narrative that clearly points at the possible real authors of the barbed tirade for any trained eye acquainted with the warped methods and ways of the so-called North.

In what seems a replication of the Southern Kaduna hunt-with-the-fox-and-run-with-hare stratagem, the Governor of Kaduna State came out threatening to bring hell upon the issuers of the Quit Notice. Only the most naive of observers will fail to see the scheme. I would be surprised if those “Northern Youths” are not ensconced in some cosy Guest House in Kaduna, sipping choice wine as the cherished guests of those hollering loudest and threatening them with thunder and brimstone.

The first indication of where the fire behind the Kaduna smoke is emanating from is the very venue for the Event, Arewa House in Kaduna.

However, the key to solving the whole riddle lies in the one line of the Kaduna Quit Notice where direct reference was made by the undisguised Messengers to the recent strident calls for the Restructuring of Nigeria by former Vice President Atiku Abubakar.

Looking back at the exchanges between a Small Countrywide Restructuring Proponents’ Group I had been part of and which in September 2016 had sessions of extensive interrogative Meetings with the former VP, regarding his sudden loud shouts for Restructuring. The task of leading that Interrogation and drawing up a Workable Template for the Reconfiguration of the Constitutional Architecture of Nigeria, fell on me and I did deliver on the two. The leading lights of Restructuring from other parts of Nigeria including Afenifere top guns and Niger Delta well-knowns were in that Group, I can say with a good measure of authority that the reality of the situation at hand is that the Caliphate hawks have run out of options and they are trying a rickety last gamble to see whether they can scrape some kind of outcome that will yield a Restructuring that might retain any kind of Union of Nigeria. That Option is effectively out of the table and the Northern Hawks did not know how it all happened.

With what the LNC and its MNN Partners had done over the years which resulted in the Broken Map below, the 12-State Sharia Contiguity (Green Bloc) which is the base of the Caliphate, is isolated completely by the rest Nigeria, which is the MNN Alliance, (Brown+Blue+Purple),for the reasons imprinted on the Broken Map.

What they are struggling to do now is to try to force a recourse to Restructuring, by rattling and blackmailing the Igbo into holding back the “Biafra Agitation” and embracing the Restructuring, for fear of mass killings and humongous loss of assets.

The Caliphate in distress seeks to cut the tail of their fleeing cow.

Unfortunately for them however, the LNC is far ahead of the hawkish schemings of the Conservative North which blocked all efforts from after Aburi 1967 to salvage the Union of Nigeria.

We are now on the highway to the ABUJA-ARABA-ABURI Trajectory, different from their worst case scenario of ABUJA-ABURI-ARABA conventional wisdom.
Too late in the day for One-Nigeria Union of Attrition.

Tony Nnadi

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