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Group Condemns Govt. Continuous Arrest And Detention of Critics & Opposition, Tells El-Rufai to Release Luka Binniyat Now

Core Middle Belt Value
Core Middle Belt Value

A regional socio-political pressure group, the Core Middle Belt Forum, has added their voice to the demand for the release of a Kaduna based journalist, Luka Binniyat and other political prisoners in Nigeria.

The group made the demand via a press release today, 29th August, 2017, in Abuja.

The press release which was jointly signed by its National coordinator, Michael Odeh Akatu , a member of its BOT Dauda Ayuba Azzaman, its Kogi state Cordinator, Alex Agbo and its Deputy Spokesman Ojo Makpenen Success reads in full…..


Fellow Nigerians, compatriots and Gentlemen of the press
We bring to the notice of the whole world of the fragrant violation of fundamental human right of one our own and many Nigerians under the APC led federal and state government in Nigeria. We are saddened and concerned at the way Nigeria is moving towards a dictatorial state under this administration. It is very unfortunate to see the government that gained power via respect for rule of law now trying to jettison Nigeria constitution. The activities of this administration since its inception point to this direction.
It is obvious that this government did not respect the sanctity of the judgment from the court. For example, former National Security Adviser (NSA) to Goodluck Jonathan, Sambo Dasuki is still in custody even after several judgments of courts granting him bail. We should not also forget the continuous incarceration of El Zazakky despite calls by well-meaning Nigerians and protest by his followers to release him and his wife. Recently, the Nigeria army had threatened to censor social media and arrest people that speak ill of this government. And the acting President Prof. Yemi Osibanjo labeling hates speech as an act of terrorism conclude the whole matter. This is a bad signal for the growth of democracy in Nigeria. This is an attempt to silence opposition and dissenting opinions and all patriotic Nigerians should stand up to condemn this evil plan by the government. The most disturbing part of this is that the state governments under the leadership of APC have now decided to follow in the footstep of the federal government to silence opposition by all means in their respective state. Leading other APC state government in this fight against opposition is the Kaduna state government under Governor Nasir El- Rufai.
Today, we have another political prisoner, a journalist, Mr. Luka Biniyat under custody for expressing his views on the happenings in Kaduna state. He has been in detention for more than 50 days now This is dangerous for the unity of Nigeria and for peace and progress of our dear nation.More so, his detention was ordered by a man who did worst some few years . Today, we have law for two groups of people; one for those who are in support of the government and the other for those against. We have Fulani herdsmen killing and raping people in many parts of Middle belt and none was arrested. We have AREWA YOUTHS giving and revoking quit notice to the IGBO in the Northern part of Nigeria and none was arrested despite local and international call for their arrest. Where were Governor Elrufai and his collaborators when people of Southern Kaduna were massacre by Fulani Herdsmen?
We the Middle Belt strongly condemn the continuous arrest and detention of Mr. Luka Binniyat and other Nigerians held as political prisoners under this administration.We call on the federal government, international organizations, the media and the entire world to prevail on Governor Nasir Elrufai to immediately order the release of Luka. We believe that those who should remain in custody are those who kill with A-K 47 guns, those who issue quit notice considered to “question our collective existence as a nation” and those who disrespect the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. Injustice to one is injustice to all.
We also condemn the killing of a ten year old boy in Imo State and call for the prosecution of the murderers as well as those who ordered the military into what is purely a civilian matter .
Long live federal Republic of Nigeria
Long live Middle Belt
Long live Core Middle Belt Forum
Michael Odeh Akatu National Cordinator
Dauda Ayuba Azzaman M .BOT
Alex Agbo Kogi Cordinator
OjoMakpenen Success Deputy Spokesman.




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