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Heavy Blow Hits APC As One Of Its B‎igwig Dumps Party For PDP In Nasarawa 

One of the strongest pillar of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Nasarawa state chapter, Hon. Aliyu Ahmed Tafida, denounced the ruling party to join the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) with thousands of his supporters.
The event took place on Saturday 24 March, 2018 at Buba Ahmed Square in Nasarawa Local government Area of of the state.
Tafida and his teaming suppers were received by the state Chairman of the party, Hon. Francis Orogu with other party executives.
Among the dignitaries present, were PDP Board of Trustees (BOT) Chairman, Senator Walid Jibrin, ‎former Speaker Nasarawa state House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Musa Ahmed Molid, Alh. Isa Ewa, PDP Chairman Nasarawa LG Council, Senator Phillip Aruwa Gyunka, senator representing Nasarawa North Senatorial district among others.
Speaking at the reception ceremony, the state chairman of the party expressed joy for receiving one of the heavy champion from the ruling party (APC) into its fold.
I thank God for what we are witnessing here today, this is a historical event to receive Hon. Ahmed Tafida into our great party. I think he has made the right choice for coming to where he belongs. PDP as we all know is a party that protects the interest of its people, we put the interest of the masses first, and we always ensure that they enjoy the true dividends of democracy. In the other hand, you all know the kind of hardship APC has placed on the lives of Nigerians, they inflected suffering and agony on people. Look at how the state government is sacking people from their jobs here and there, they are not paying salaries as at when due but yet they are relieving people of their jobs. APC, is a party that you can never trust because they specializes in lies and propaganda, all the campaign promises they made to Nigerians, not even one they have fulfilled. Everyone of us here knows that APC government have failed and they have also failed Nigerians. Would we allow them to continue messing our country up? Should we watch them to continue deceiving us and lieing to us? All of us should join our hands so that coming 2019 we should show them the way out both in our state and in the federal level‎.”
In his reaction‎, the BOT Chairman of the party, Senator Walid Jibrin, also expressed happiness as the party welcomed Hon. Tafida whom he described as a major political stakeholder in the state.
Am so happy for this development, Aliyu Ahmed Tafida as we all know him is a  young man ‎that you cannot do away with or sideline when it comes to political mathematics in Nasarawa state. He is a brilliant and a vibrant young man, I thank God he has realized and have decided to follow the right path by coming to join PDP. I appreciate his courage for standing against all odds and intimidations. As a party and I myself, we welcome you and your teaming supporters to this big umbrella.”
Also on his part, the Senator representing Nasarawa North Senatorial district, Senator Philip Aruwa Gyunka, ‎pointed out that the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, have lost value in Nasarawa state and in Nigeria at large. Adding that Nigerians are no longer interested in APC because of its failed government and worrisome nature of governance.
I real commend the courage of Hon. Tafida for taking this giant step today. I want to assure him that PDP will give him the necessary support. Also, on behalf the national assembly we all welcome you to this great party.”

Addressing his supporters who converged in their numbers from various wards and communities, Hon. Aliyu Ahmed Tafida, thanked them for their resilience and for standing with him at all levels of trails and intimidations.  ‎He thanked the state leadership of the party who took out time out of their busy schedule to welcome him and granting him a rousing reciption with his teaming supporters.
‎”Let me start by thanking my very distinguished senator, who is also a father to me, in the person of senator Walid Jibrin, the BOT chairman of this great (PDP). I also want to thank my biological father who is also here, Alhaji Tafida, am highly honored for his presence here with us. I thank the state party Chairman, Hon. Francis Orogu, who is also the host. I thank my very chairman, that is, Nasarawa LG party Chairman, Alh. Isa Ewa and other dignitaries who graced this occasion. 
Speaking on why he decamped to PDP, Mr. Tafida said, he is no longer comfortable with the leadership style of the ruling party in the state. Citing lack of internal democracy within the APC system. He also pointed that APC led administration have failed Nigerians by failing to fulfill its campaign promises.
I ‎am joining PDP today because I realized that here lays the future of Nigeria, here lays our future for we the youths, here lays the hope of every common man or woman out there in the street. I am among those who pioneered the existence and survival of APC and made it what it is today in Nasarawa state. We fought for it, we strong for it but yet the party cannot deliver on its campaign promises. This is seven years down the line APC is ruling Nasarawa state still nothing ‎to write home about. No single thing you can pinpoint that this administration have done both in the state and in the federal level. I am highly disappointed to see how Nigerians are going through truma, suffering and hardership. Nigerians can no longer afford three square meal a day, children are thrown out of schools because the parents can no longer pay their school fees. I wandered where we are heading to if Nigeria should continue with this maladministration in another four years. All of you can attest to it that the level of insecurity and poverty have increased, Nigeria is more divided now than ever since the history of Nigeria, see how our economic is dangling in such a way it has never happened before. These and many other things are reasons for my decision and defection to PDP.”
Hon. Tafida is also aspiring to contest for Nasarawa west Senatorial district in the forth coming 2019 general elections.


  1. Aliyu Bala Ahmed is a man wit gud vision for his pple!! We pray he emerge as d winner 2019 insha Allah Amin!!


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