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Hon. Lydia Ngohenmba Giant stride in less than four years 

Hon. Mrs Lydia Ngohenmba Agaigbe is a member, Benue State House of Assembly,  Representing Gboko East Constituency,  called her Silent achiever you will not be wrong or an Epitome of motherhood you will still be right,  first term legislator but her 
achievement speaks volumes.
  • She describe how she feels been part of the assembly, simply saying, she appreciates God for making her part of the present Benue State House of Assembly.
  • She described the Assembly as the live wire of any government and that the experience is beautiful so far.
 “Assembly is a beautiful area and is a live wire as you all know is the live wire of the state, is a very important part of government without Assembly government cannot exist, so we are working and we are working for the good of all the state and the people of Benue who can speak, who cannot speak, that is we are the voice of the voiceless so we are doing our best”.
She said the greatest achievement of the Assembly is the passing into law of the Anti open grazing law which she said has become a ‘win win’ affairs as the Northern governors forum recently agreed during the national Executive council meeting of APC, that the way to go is Ranching and not cattle colony. 
She agreed that this Law can provide solution to the problems associated with the killing in some parts of the country.
Being refers to as an Epitome of motherhood she said as a woman,  among all her Projects,  taking care of the windows and orphans is dear to her heart, thanking God for giving her courage, irrespective of the economy challenges in the country. she is so passionate about this particular project because she made a vow with God that if she was elected into the Assembly, she will fulfill the promise based on the fact that she is a member of this association, that you don’t apply for
“before I got into the Assembly, I made a vow with God, I am in association which is widowhood,  that association you don’t apply for it, you don’t do anything you just find yourself in it,  so I told God that if you allow me go there i will make you happy by having some orphans and Widows and by the grace of God i have done it,  God has given me that grace” I have a lot of orphans not just mere scholarship they are like my children I’m training them,  I sew uniform for them,  i buy books for them to the extend of pencils you should know what it means taking care of a child like that and they are up to 37 of them”
Aside charity and humanitarian gestures, Hon.  Agaigbe has impacted positively on the lives of her constituant through provisions of critical infrastructure ranging from:
* Provision of functional power generating transformers, currently been enjoy by two communities in her constituency.
* Provision of pipe borne water.
* Provision of financial empowerment to women and youths to improve their living standards.
* Construction of bridge
* Building of a council hall. Just to mention but a few.
Because of her outstanding achievements, recently Hon. Agaigbe backs Award of Excellence from Northern Actors Forum.
Hon. Agaigbe calls on those in position of authority to make politics attractive to women, as she said in Benue house of Assembly that have 30 members,  just two women are in the Assembly she also begs the women to come out and participate in politics, contest for positions to be elected.
She plea with her party both national and State level to at less give women the 35 percent affirmative action if not 50 percent, because, if women are in positions they have conscience and will do what is right.
Hon. Agaigbe is also recontesting for the Benue State House of Assembly, to represent Gboko East State constituency, in 2019



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