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Marshal Katung Deny Oversinging Praises Of El-rufai

Honourable Marshal Katung Deny The Rumour Going Round By El-rufai E-rats That He Over Sang Praises Of El-rufai

 The attention of Hon Bar Sunday Marshal Katung, member representing zango/Jaba Fed constituency in the House or Reps has been drawn to concerns raised by his well wishers, supporters and constituents in respect of news making rounds in some media, especially social media to the effect that he over sang praises of the El-rufai’ during the public hearing in respect of loan request by the KDSG in the committee on loans etc and wish to clarify as follows:

1. It is customary that members from a state in a committee of that nature do defend submission from their states irrespective of political difference. It is expected that monies accruing to a state is ultimately used for the betterment of the state. It should be noted also that some time a Governor that applies for a loan may not even be in office when the cash eventually comes.
Hence Hon Katung was merely fulfilling his role as a member of the committee from kaduna state.

2. It is usually the responsibility of a member from a loan requesting state to try and convince other colleagues that monies will be judiciously used and he does that by pointing to elements of good governance. He did this in the hope that the benefits of the loan will positively impact on the state.

3. While Hon Marshall disagrees with many policies of the El-rufai led government, he hoped that our people will benefit from the loan.

4. Hon SMK wishes to assure his constituents and supporters that he will always be on their side, defending their interest where the policy of the state government is not clearly at odds with the interest and wellbeing of his constituents. But if the opposite is the case, he will unambiguously stand on the side of his people.

Thank you

Signed Peter Ashaffa



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