Inspirational Talk : Live Your Life

The fact that people are richer than you doesn’t give them the right to throw trash into your life. It’s money you don’t have, you still have your dignity. You’re still a human being.

Politely walk away from such destructive relationships and own your life. Don’t let their fancy cars and connections make you loose your life.

Truly successful people don’t put others down. It’s those that stumble on wealth or think wealth is their birthright that do that.

Some of them will start thinking you’re a gold digger for showing interest in their kids. If you are not, politely show them you truly love their kids and stand your ground by not looking at their wealth.

Where you are right now is a temporary situation in life. Don’t allow people make it look permanent.

Never forget: Don’t let anybody put you or your kids down because they are richer than you.


You won’t fail



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