Integrity Group, Enugu Parley Unknown to Atiku, By Media Office


While we see the media as partners in progress, and do not intend to disparage them, we urge them to always carry out investigation(s) to ascertain the credibility, veracity or otherwise of stories before publishing, else they may inadvertently earn the ignominious medal of “fake news”.


The Atiku Media Office states that the so-called Integrity Group is not known to Atiku Abubakar, the Atiku Media Office and the supposedly held parley by the group, is not known to the former Vice President.


The news about this event is, at worst, the handiwork of some opportunists, political jobbers and shortsighted schemers who are out to do all they can to create power struggles for nothing but, their own selfish ends. As such, the Atiku Media Office seeks to distance itself and the former Vice President from such group or persons.


The Atiku Media Office restates that what is of paramount importance to Atiku Abubakar (presently in Saudi Arabia to perform the lesser Hajj), at this critical stage of the life of our nation is party unity, unconditional support for the Acting President and prayers for the recovery and return of the President.


The former Vice President, is focused on lending his time and best endeavours to the President to ensure that the country turns the corner by overcoming the present ravaging recession and inflation and put food on the table for the average Nigerian citizen. The time for politics is yet, a while away

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