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Ismail Omipidan: A Quintessential Publicist

By Mukhtar Ajelogbon

My impressions of Ismail Omipidan started years back when I was addicted to my favorite current affairs TV show tagged ‘Journalists’ Hangout’ on TVC. Unknown to him, he was then my second-best analyst on the show because there is no way I will not learn from him ranging from presentation of central ideas, sentence construction and high level of vocabulary exhibition whenever he appeared among his colleagues on the show.

Years later, he was appointed as the Chief Press Secretary by Governor Adegboyega Oyetola of Osun State. I was one of the first batch of reporters in Osun to break the news on the 6th August, 2019.
Days later, I led my crew to his office to welcome him to Osun on official duty with a congratulatory letter.

I observed him closely on that day and my instinct about him of being a good listener, keen observer with a pair of sharp piercing eyes as if he could look into the mind of the one opposite him wasn’t wrong. His words were soft spoken and deliberate in choice.

Many may know these about him, these are all obvious qualities in him. But I have the liberty to describe him in the following words my impressions.

I have listened to the gentle and persuasive speaker in him at different fora about 27 times.

He used to speak to the peoples minds, not in rhetorics but extempore in convincing tones and straight looks. Trust me, if I hear rhetorical statements, I can identify them from miles away. In some occasions, he talks of the government he is a part of, the challenges and the successes; he is factual, and up to date.

Did I believe him? Yes I did. Beyond instincts, statistics don’t lie. Omipidan is an open book. It is easy to read through him that there are no propagandist tendencies in him. His reports about the government he speaks for are his truthful representation of facts as they are.

The CPS to the Governor has left no stone unturned in projecting the image of his principal through a window provided for Governor Oyetola’s appointees to interface with the media, at regular interval, and in turn to inform Osun people of their duties and responsibilities towards solving the citizens’ problems, thus serving as a bridge between his principal and the people.

It must be noted that Omipidan’s simplicity and generosity disposition has earned him so much love in the media space as every journalist has unhindered access to him irrespective of media outlets.

My direct interaction and assessment of him showed that he is the first CPS in Osun State that defends the Governor devoid of tantrum or name calling. He has shown that he is truly a media personality with decency and decorum.

It is worthy of note that the writing prowess of Omipidan is thrilling and scintillating as his communication strategy, information literacy skills, words and lexicon combinations so far are always suitable to describe personalities or events in the name of the Governor.

His appearance on broadcast stations is also an attestation that he is blessed with both oral and written abilities.
Mere looking at him with his simple outfit, one will easily deduce that Ismail Omipidan is God-fearing.

My findings also revealed that CPS Omipidan is also a silent philanthropist whose gestures were unearthed through testimonies from the beneficiaries.

I was amazed when I heard about the succour he has been offering and as well as intervention to some people including our colleagues in the media profession. May Allah reward his service to humanity in multiple ways. Ameen!

He has really shown us that he is versatile in the management of information within and around his principal through meticulous and painstaking approach in dishing out relevant information to the people.

My conclusion thereafter is that Ismail Omipidan can be believed and should be believed by the people of Osun seeking to know the position of things in the affairs of their state today.

Mukhtar Ajelogbon writes from Osogbo.



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