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Kaduna NGO  Honored 20 Nigerian Ex-war veterans for their contribution to Nation Building

As Nigeria celebrate arm forces remembrance day, a non-Governmental  organization (womanhood foundation of Nigeria) has honored 10 soldiers and 10 Aor force officers for their selfless service and contribution to nation building

In an interview with the press shortly after the award ceremony at the secretariat in kaduna ,Hajiya Maryam Abubakar ,the school director says,”you are the reason why we are living in peace and harmony in Nigeria and that is why our organization decided to come and honored  some of the ex-war veterans for selfless service  which is aimed at uniting the people of Nigeria

Maryam added that, Most of them have participated in International peace mission, War, settling communal and ethno-religious crisis in different part of the world , and they have contributed immensely for the return of peace and harmony in most of the peace mission they participated, and all is for depending the name image of their own country Nigeria

She then called on federal government  to be given  Free-scholarship  to their children and also free medical treatment to all the ex-war veterans for their contribution in bringing peace among Nigerians

Responding on behalf of the Ex-servicemen  welfare association of Nigeria Master warrant officer Yusuf usman, expressed satisfaction for remembering them  and while urging other Ngo to also improved in their activities of humanitarian assistance

According to Yusuf”Depending the integrity and fame  of Nigeria in all our international peace mission is our goal, and we have returned peace in so many African country’s and world at large “

Yusuf congratulate Nigerian army’s  in North-east for the daily battled with Boko Haram, while calling on federal government to always support them with all they need, in other to defeat the insurgency

Yusuf concluded by calling on Civil society’s organization   and other Non-Governmental organization to always find means of taking their humanitarian assistance to the needed communities, while calling both state and federal government with  wealthy individual to also support  the retired war veterans in other to improved their lives



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