Kano Police Command Records 2nd Year of Successive Progress In Crime Fighting

CP Rabiu Yusuf psc



The Kano state police command under the leadership of CP Rabiu Yusuf psc+ is pleased to inform the general public that the year 2017 is yet another successive year of progress as far as security of lives and property is concern. The rate of crime has drastically gone down especially when focused on the adequate security arrangements strategically deployed in the state and the number of crime and criminals detected/arrested, coupled with the synergy and collaboration with the public especially traditional institutions, community leaders, NGO’S, and other strategic partners. It is a year in which the public have made a robust input into the state security activities enhancing preventive measures.

        The year witnessed minimum level of major crimes such as armed robbery, kidnapping, insurgency, car snatching, homicide, house breaking etc. Cases of rape and sexual assault related offences have drastically reduced. 

During the year under review a total number of 601 major crimes were reported 52 kidnapped victims were rescued and reunited with members of their families, 35 stolen motor vehicles have recovered, while a total of 73 different types of (local and English made) arms, and 273 live ammunition of different calibre were recovered. Value of all property recovered by the command is put at N744, 699,046. Comparatively, the year 2016 witnessed 72 cases of armed robbery with 117 suspects arrested while for current year, only 35 cases reported, and 76 suspects arrested. Likewise, 547 cases of rape and sexual assault offences were reported in 2016, while 334 cases were received in 2017, indicating a major decline in these crime. 


Below is the summary of the major achievements recorded by the command from 1st Jan – 29th Dec, 2017.

i.                  Armed robbery

a.    No. of cases reported – 35

b.   No. of suspects arrested – 76

c.    No. of armed robbers/terrorist and other high profile criminals killed during encounter –9

ii.               Kidnapping

a.    No. of cases reported – 42

b.   No. of suspects arrested – 39

c.    No. of victims rescued – 52

        iii.    Homicide

a.     No. of cases reported – 166                                    

b.     No. of suspects arrested – 210

c.      No. of cases charged to court – 166

         iv. Rape and sexual related cases

d.     No. of cases reported -334

e.     No. of cases charged to court – 331

f.       No. of suspect arrested- 347

v.           Act of terrorism

a.   No. of cases – 1

b.   No. of suspect arrested – 2

However, 497 members of different gangs of ‘’Yandaba’’ were arrested in collaboration with traditional rulers and other security partners. 89 members surrendered and gave-up from ‘’daba’’ activities. They were counseled and monitoring their activities continued till they become good and law abiding members of the society. Other unrepentant members were all charged to court for prosecution.

        It is indeed worth noting that the Inspector General of Police Mr Ibrahim K. Idris NPM, mni creed of service especially the war against corruption is indeed gaining weight. The ‘’ bail is free’’ has become a bandwagon worth emulating in the State.

                  In the hope of your continued support and cooperation, the Kano state police command wishes all a happy and prosperous new year 2018, please.






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