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Media, Citizens Set To Track Campaign Promises….

…Ground Zero creates platform for media, CSO to engage public officers

Citizens have been told to hold elected officials accountable to campaign commitments if they wish to see good governance and development.

This was part of the consensus reach at an audience participatory radio phone-in programs , GROUND ZERO, monitored in Kaduna on Saturday by ProcyonNews.

The radio programme which had analysts from the media and advocates from the Civil Society attempted to track campaign promises of elected official vis-à-vis their campaign promises enjoined the electorate to actively involved in tracking these promises.

One of the advocate from CALPED, Martins Abbas Dagwan, urged the citizen to constantly make reference to campaign promises made by elected official whenever they have the opportunity engaging them.

Yusuf Goje, a good governance advocate, in his submission advocated for a synergy between the CSO’s and the media in tracking campaign promises. He wondered why the citizen would goto sleep after election and expect development , he said “if the citizens go to sleep, the government would also goto sleep”.

On the part of the media, veteran journalist and political analyst, Eddy Ochigbo, maintained that the media have no reason not to be able to hold elected officers accountable to their promises. While reacting to a comment from a co analyst, Musa Bala, that promises mad by elected officers can not be fulfilled due to lack of funds, Eddy Ochigbo emphasised the importance Medium Term Expenditure Frameworks and why politicians should study it before making promises as the era of “Promise and Fail” politics is over in Nigeria.

Earlier in the week the Producer and Anchor of Ground Zero, Ehis Agbon, was part of a media engagement on tracking and holding elected officers accountable to campaign commitments organised by PERL (Partnership to Engage, Reform and Learn) supported by DFID and UKAid in Kaduna.

Ground Zero is a flagship audience participatory citizens engagement radio programme. It airs every Tuesdays at 5pm and Saturdays at 4pm on Invicta 98.9fm radio, Kaduna. You can listen to live stream of the programme at . You can also listen to Invicta fm at Radio Garden and via Invicta fm app.

Follow Ground Zero on Twitter @GroundZero989




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