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Media, traditional institution, religious organs must synergise for national peace – Workshop

By Ado Hassan, Sokoto

THE need to strengthen a harmonious synergy between the traditional institution, religious organs and the media for national peace, unity and integration remain a necessary course for promoting religious and traditional tenets among the citizenry.

This is the focus at a One day workshop organised  by the Sokoto  Sultnate Council in collaboration with the state branch of the Nigeria Union of Journalists(NUJ) to sensitize Religious and Traditional Leaders.

The workshop however, noted that there was the great need for a responsive synergy that would stem the collective understanding and working relations between traditional rulers and the media to further encourage and sustain the fundamentals of peaceful coexistence and brotherhood among diverse Nigerians.

” Both religious and traditional tenets were significant in instituting  an interface through the effective role of the media in transmitting objective and palatable ideals that promotes morality and respect for one another through promoting the religious and traditional tenets.”

However, the workshop had as its theme: ” The Role of Media in Promoting Religious and Traditional Tenets”

Speaking, Sultan of Sokoto and Chairman of the occasion, Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar said the media remain the pivot through which the society mirrors its activities thus must be seen to be objective in both critical and factual reportage of events.

Similarly, the revered monarch explained that both the traditional and religious leaders were an integral instrument through which an egalitarian society was founded ” we are the custodians of moral conduct, peace, unity and harmonious relations and must not operate away from this direction.

” We have to unite and promote the good tenets that bounded us as true and dependable institutions using the media as our platform to unite the people”, Abubakar said.

However, Professor Abubakar Yagawal in his paper presentation” Ethical Conducts on Information Dessemination” described as unfortunate the senseless, absurd and trash talks contents that preoccupied the minds and tongues of people in their daily interactions.

” This is connected to information dissemination, as Islam attaches special attention to news reporting, its style, its etiquettes and rules”, he pointed out.

Yagawal, who is of the Department of Arabic at the Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto further said, ethics implied moral principles that govern the behaviour or conduct of a person’s activity, pointing out that knowledge of information, reviewing the  quality of information and sincerity in information reporting are fundamental guide for authentic and quality information reportage.

” Islam has explained how the speech that flows from human tongue can be used for goodness and truth.”

Accordingly, Yagawal noted that efficient information gathering and processing were no doubt the key to successful driving task performance, unity and peaceful coexistence.

Also, in his presentation” The Role of Media in Promoting Religious and Traditional Leaders”, the Director General, Sokoto state Media Corporation, Abubakar Shekara while tracing the history of mass media, observed that man has had the need for self expression, to pass and receive information about himself and other people.

He noted that the departure had launched the conventional and new media into a modern global fold controlled and operated by corporate organisations like radio and television stations, publishing houses and cinema production companies.

” The media have been the available tool to man since inception. They remain the only and most reliable forum for packaging and promotion of cultural identity and reassertions of belief and traditions.

” In the modern world, TV, radio, print media and the new media serve as the major cultural forum through numerous activities and platforms”, he added.

Shekara, a veteran journalist also  dwelled on that fact that the power of the media in inculcating cultural and religious thought and attitude were undeniable.

“The media are indeed the most effective tool of domination. All societies and ideologies can therefore use the media to promote, assert and defend their traditional values and religious faith and identity.”

The state council chairman, Nigeria Union of Journalists(NUJ), Isah Abubakar Shuni said the workshop was an avenue for both journalists, media practitioners and the traditional institution to improve on their relations and strengthen the scope of their responsibilities to the society especially at a challenging moments.

” We are all stakeholders in instituting peace, encourage unity, ensure security as well harmonious coexistence among the citizenry”, he said.

He urged all stakeholders to be open, objective and committed to responsibilities in the interest of peace and country’s unity through proper information gathering and dissemination, assuring that the media was ready to collaborate with the traditional institutions and religious organs to promote stability of all kinds for the development of the Sokoto state and Nigeria.



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