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Middle Belt Union advise Nigerians to protect themselves against invaders & mass murderers,


When General TY Danjuma rtd., told the people that they must arm and protect themselves against invading and murdering herdsmen and killers that the president and his security people claimed to be Ghadafi trained militias, as the Buhari government is not willing to protect them, but that the Nigerian army are even aiding the killers, General Danjuma was condemned by some sections of the Nigerian people. But it is now turning out that General TY Danjuma knew exactly what he was talking about.

Today we have witnessed yet again another gruesome massacre in Plateau State and the President Muhammadu Buhari’s federal government is nonchalant about it, especially President Buhari himself. In his usual speech after such massacres he repeated what he has always said again, casually, without empathy, nonchalantly.

Shortly after the massacre, Miyetti Allah, have again come out to tell the world that 300 cows were killed for the justification of killing over 200 people, mostly children, women, and the aged, sacking over 8 villages and burning them down to the ground, yet the presidency have not issued any statement condemning Miyetti Allah or ordered the arrest of the leadership of this organization for questioning or further investigation.

It is quite crystal that the only option left for the people now is to protect themselves against these mass murderers by whatever means as it is clear that the Nigerian state has failed. People can no longer sit in their houses, in their ancestral homes, and just be invaded and massacred anytime because some people have amass arms and ammunitions, have no regards for constituted authority, the Nigerian state and human lives and dignity. Self defense is allowed under any law in the world.

Since the Nigerian government has failed, The Middle Belt Union is advising all Nigerians to protect themselves against invaders and mass murderers, whether they are Ghadafi trained militias as President Buhari told the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, whether they are ISIS-West Africa as he told Donald Trump or whether they are Fulani herdsmen as Miyetti Allah are claiming and have always claimed despite the Buhari’s administration trying to cover them up.

This administration’s complete failure of protecting human lives and in fact openly supporting one side (the Fulani herdsmen) and fighting on their behalf to secure grazing land for them by hook or by crook in other people’s land, has emboldened the Fulani herdsmen to continue this killings. President Muhammadu Buhari must take the blame and stop shifting it to other politicians. He is the politician responsible for this complete impunity and anarchy.

We are calling on the State governments in and around the Middle Belt to not allow the plan for cattle colonies, cattle ranching or whatever name they call it, in their state by the Buhari administration, because the Fulani herdsmen have not shown that they can live in civilized society with civilized people by the mentality of killing their ways into getting what they want.

We are pleading with people to get their PVCs and prepare for 2019 election. Since the president has shown his incompetency whenever it comes to the killing of the people in our area, we must show him that we are not prepared to put him back inside Aso Rock to be our leader as he has failed.

By George Onmonya Daniel
The Middle Belt Union



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