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Naira swaps: AA flays  Kenneth Udeze’s Court injunction  stopping CBN from extending  deadline

By: Femi  Oyelola, Kaduna

Attn: News   Editor

The  Action Alliance  has flayed the expelled  self acclaimed fictional Chairman of the party Kenneth Udeze’s Court injunction to stop CBN from extending the deadline

The  National Chairman of  AA Dr Adekunle Omo-Aje stated this in a  statement made available to the Media in Kaduna yesterday.

According to him the leadership of the party finds the action of the  expelled Udeze as very callous, reckless and insensitive to the plight of the masses, as against the party principles, saying they  this come to us as a surprise because he is known not to ever have the interest of the masses at heart.  The infamous

Omo-Aje added that the injunction  is anti-people and doesn’t mean well, Since he doesn’t know that any policy causing pain should be rethought, he should therefore focus on his proposed upcoming alliance with Atiku/Obi for 2023.

” Unfortunately for Udenze, the FCT High Court cannot stop Federal Agencies from performing their constitutional or statutory functions and it can’t issue any injunctive order to prevent the performance of statutory duty. An obviously anti-people injunction will achieve nothing

“Abiola won election, Arthur Nzeribe went to court to scuttle the result. Most Nigerians resisted Abacha, Daniel Kanu formed Youths earnestly ask for Abacha to retain him.

“Today Kenneth Udeze is fighting to extend the  suffering of Nigerians for political reasons”

Omo-Aje  further explained that since the announcement of the new Naira note policy, there has
been an acute shortage in the
supply of the new Naira notes
and  citizens who have dutifully deposited their old Naira notes have increased found it difficult and sometimes next to impossible to access new
naira notes to go about their
daily activities.

He  therefore wonders why any person with the interest of the people at heart still be fuming over the call for deadline extension  not putting into consideration the attendant hardship same is wrecking on Nigerians, which
has been well acknowledged
even by the Federal Government
of Nigeria itself.

The AA National  Chairman
alleged that the expelled Udeze  is
Collaborating with some elements of the same mindsets to derail the nation’s democracy and scuttle the election, because of the Court injunction to stop CBN from extending deadline





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