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Nigeria in ICU – Tambuwal

By Suleiman Adamu, Sokoto

SENATOR Aminu Waziri Tambuwal has said that the country is in Intensive Care Unit(ICU) urging leaders and Nigerians to go back to the drawing board, tell themselves the truth and resuscitate the country against current happenings.

He said Nigerians should check their humanity to rediscover themselves, redeem and resuscitate the country for prosperity.

Tambuwal said leadership without compassion was troubling, pointing out that ” it is all about trust and we will all account for our deeds.

” Nigerians are going through serial challenges of hardship. We need soul searching drive to find solutions to current realities ”

Although, the first time senator said he deliberately chose to remain silent for 9 months on state of the Nigeria nation, saying he was on sabbatical.

” My quiet mood is my state of mind. I simply chose not to speak.

” When you are involved in something and the unexpected happens, you remain quiet. I have been introspective”, he said.

According to the former HoRs Speaker ” we should all ignore partisanship of all sorts and return to the basis as citizens ready to demonstrate the needful for the country.”

Tambuwal, the immediate past governor of Sokoto state who was in Sokoto for a wedding made the remarks Friday night while speaking to journalists who he also charged to step up to their professional responsibility to making the country great.

” Nigeria needs you most at this trying moments. You are not really doing enough. You have more than enough space to x-ray the country in defence of public and national interest. You are watch dogs and voice of the voiceless. You need to hold and make the system drivers accountable.

” Journalism is service to humanity in the interest of the nation. Nigeria needs everyone of us as driver. The country is in ICU for resuscitation.

” Is now that the country needs your professional strength for the needed change. We need to collectively give hope to the country and its citizens “, he expressed with concerns.

Tambuwal who deliberately did not want to delve deep into commenting on politics, said he was an active co-founder of APC but decided to leave for obvious foreseen situations.

” My leaving the party in 2018 was signalled by foreseen situations that were not in tandem with realities”, as he sealed further comments.




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