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The decision by Independent National Electoral Commission to release the timetable for the 2019 general elections, has set the political stage interesting to contest the 2019 presidential election prominent among the gladiators is Sen Ahmed Makarfi.

“Every country has the government it deserves” according to Joseph De Maistre,

To be honest, I am among those who campaigned and voted against Buhari in 2015 ,i finally saw the leader i thought he is ,sincerely I wasn’t expecting anything more than now .

It is not entirely his fault but the gullible that got brained washed to fall for the change mantra . Today the so called messiah ,man of integrity ,Mai-gaskiya and all that turned out to be a limited use to us. As an alibi, some of us expected him to reach out to excellent people in all spheres of life to help manage the affairs of government while he faced security and corruption battle fully. The economy in particular we thought will be handed over to tested world class people.

Instead of reaching for the best, he grabbed those forced on him by his political “friends”. The dismal results are there for all to see. All, that is, except Buhari himself. Let me quickly explain using a revelations as example. “An institution is the lengthened shadow of one man”. (Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1802-1883). In any country and at any point in time, government is the greatest institution; the Head of Government the man who casts the shadow.

That leads to the question: Is Buhari capable to manage this country for another term or seek reelection ?
Inevitably, the nation under Buhari will make its citizens poorer than when he took power and far worse than they were in 2015 except for the Mainas and other favoured few among us.

Now is time to look for a Northern replacement more credible alternative definitely not PMB but with former President Obasanjo and IBB advice its time he step aside from the contest and sincerely ,it shows that his aspiration will definitely not sale .

Nevertheless ,I can’t not ruled out the fact that his loyalists and political associates have continued to fly that kite with oracular enthusiasm. Yes,some of the APC Governors wants him to run yet most of them are mute about his contest .

Buhari emerged as president on the mantra of change however I will say here that Buhari’s has lost his major political strength of incorruptible credentials that have made him very popular among Nigerians, especially when his cabinet members are accused of corruptions and non was brought to face the penalties .

His fight against insurgency in the North-East is seen as his major achievements in this first term however failed to address the Fulani herdsmen and farmer clashes most especially the Benue killings .We can’t run away from the fact that his Serious health challenged is a big question mark on the political future of this aspirations ,would the country allow him to be seeking for medical attention or performing his duties to governance ?

Therefore let me say here that SAM is a very sound personality whose health status isn’t hidden but very glaring for all to see .You can’t accused SAM for been selective in dealing with issues ,he is far above favoritism.

SAM hasn’t any record of jailing political opponent against the interpretation of the law but rather he has remained a loyal follower of the Nigerian constitution .

SAM does not yield to religious pressure before he thinks neither is he in any fora called or seen as a fanatic no wonder is seen as the only credible alternative .

Why not Sen.Ahmed Makarfi(SAM ) & Not Others.

He was also a two term governor of Kaduna state and former Senator.
He was invited by the leaders for the PDP to head the party and restore sanity to it following the failure to elect a new leadership in Port Harcourt.

SAM,62, showed maturity in handling the crisis that heralded his tenure leading up to the Supreme Court.
After the Supreme Court verdict that validated his position, the former Kaduna governor worked with the leaders and governors in the party to not only to put measures in place to elect new leaders, but also woo those who left to other parties, back.

It is claimed in some quarters that because of the way he handled party affairs, some governors and leaders entered into an agreement him to help get their preferred candidates elected into party positions after which they will help him secure the presidential ticket.

SAM, thereafter supervised a successful invention in which all persons listed under a controversial “Unity List” were eventually elected during the December 9 convention.

The Unity list is said to be the creation of Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state and some governors.

Sami’s major strength is the fact that he trusts the PDP and the party faithful also appear to trust him. The manner he ran the PDP during the battle with Ali Modu Sheriff for the soul of the party has endeared him to many of its faithful.

Also, if the reports of the agreement with governors is true, it means he has fulfilled his own part of the bargain and it is now left for the governors to fulfill theirs by ensuring he picks the presidential ticket. It is not going to be difficult for them to do that if they chose to.

SAM does not also appear to have “excess baggage” that will be of concern to PDP faithful. He is not undergoing trial unlike Mr. Lamido and he is perceived as a corrupt person unlike Mr. Abubakar.

People who don’t know SAM will say his major weaknesses is the feeling that he has been battling an illness which allegedly could affect his performance as governor of Kaduna state but he successfully executed the contract he had with the people of of Kaduna state ,even though no human being that can’t be faced with health challenges when it comes.

SAM, have a solid structure outside the PDP that will work for his interest and confront a formidable candidate like Mr, Buhari .

One of Mr. Dankwambo’s major weaknesses is his “aloofness” when it comes to national issues. He is hardly known to stand for anything because he scarcely lends his voice to any matter. For instance, he was hardly seen or heard during the recent turbulent days of the party. It is therefore difficult for Nigerians to know what to expect from his presidency.
Another weakness of Mr. Dankwambo is his ability to confront a formidable APC candidate like Mr. Buhari and defeat him if the latter choses to run for second term.

Mr. Abubakar’s major weakness is his desperation to be president. Many Nigerians believe he is desperate to be president, pointing to his defections from one party to another all in a bid to be on the ballot on election day.
Another weakness of the Waziri is the apparent lack or collapse of his political structures across the country. Mr. Abubakar inherited the leadership of the once formidable political group, the Peoples Democratic Movement, PDM, from the late Shehu Yar’adua. Out of the 18 political groups that formed the PDP in 1998 the PDM was the biggest. It used to boast of a strong structure across all the political units in the country. Not anymore! PDM has since gone into oblivion apparently due to lack of leadership.
Also, despite his posture, many Nigerians accuse Mr. Abubakar of being hugely corrupt and fear he will run a corrupt government.
Another problem for the Waziri Adamawa is his inability to get widespread acceptance across the length and breadth of the north, unlike Mr. Buhari, who might be his major opponent, if both win the primaries.
Mr. Abubakar also appears not to be enjoying the support of PDP governors, a critical group within the party. In fact, should he fail to get the support of PDP governors, he might as well kiss his ambition bye. This assertion is based on the history of the internal politics of the PDP and what just transpired at the elective national convention of the party held last December 9.

Mr. Lamido’s major challenge is his ongoing corruption trial by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC. The PDP will be wary of fielding a candidate facing trial and have the potential of going to jail before, during or after the 2019 election.
The former Jigawa governor also appears “too independent” and will be “his own man” if he becomes president. PDP leaders are known to prefer presidents they can control.

Tanimu Turaki :
The former minister is not so well known across the nation compared to other contenders. Anyone seeking to be president in 2019 need not have to first tell most Nigerians who he is.
Also, while his membership of the Jonathan loyalists in PDP is a strength, it could also be a weakness because there are many in the PDP who still hold the former president personally responsible for the defeat of the PDP in 2015. Those in this category may not be comfortable with this choice as the party’s flag bearer.

“The political landscape is just been defined but no course to worry.
Though noise making is part of politics but it’s not the determining factor.
Also it’s not how early you start but how well you end… Am optimistic that it will be well at all levels.
Cheers”-Sen. Ahmed Makarfi 07/02/18



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