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NRM Senatorial Candidate Doles Out Cash, Items Worth Millions To Kogi Flood Victims

The National Rescue Mission ( NRM) Senatorial Candidate for Kogi West, Mallam Bala Abdulghafar Dirisu has donated (food) items include noddles, drinking water, blankets, milk and other daily essentials worth millions of to flood victims in all the affected Local Governments Areas comprising the constituency namely Lokoja and Kontokarfe Local Government areas (LGAs) of the state.

Addressing victims of the flood disaster around his constituency, Mallam Bala Dirisu expressed sincere condolences to the bereaved families who lost their loved ones in recent devastating floods in parts of Kogi state
and wished speedy recovery of the injured undergoing treatment.

The gesture, he said is to enable vulnerable families, particularly in Lokoja and Kotonkarfe
LGAs, which are the most impacted areas in the state, to cope with the devastating flood water which has inundated homes, farmlands and forced residents of affected communities to relocate to safer places.

Mr Dirisu also attributed the ugly and unfortunate incident to lack of commitment and political will from the government to tackle life threatening issues that affects not only the people of the state but make life hard for the nation at large.

He further averred that dredging of the Niger and other rivers, building of dams along flood plains, opening more water channels and reservoirs, resettlement of residence in disaster/flood prone areas and other natural disasters like earthquakes and erosions will help prevent this disaster in the future.

Dirisu urged the populace to vote against candidates that don’t have them in mind and would act in the overall interest of the people and not for selfish few. He said the 2023 elections is a referendum against evil leaders and vowed to make a difference when elected as senator to represent the good people of Kogi West.

It could recall that for over three weeks running, thousands of travellers and residents of Lokoja, Kogi State capital have experienced severe hardship due to heavy flooding as a result thousands of people are displaced, About ten people were reported dead and huge part of the city Submerged in the flood.

Areas submerged includes New market, Old market, Galili, Adankolo new layout, Sarki Noma, Ganaja, kabawa, 500 units, Dadumo.



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