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Obansanjo Letter: APDA is the National Coalition, look for no other –Yinka Osilesi

The Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance, Young leaders Forum has reacted to the former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s lengthy letter to president Mohammadu Buhari, where he listed the failures of the Buhari/APC-led government and the PDP alike.

The Deputy National Spokesperson of the group, Mrs Yinka Osilesi in a statement issued in Abuja has said the former President’s timely message had energized the stage for a campaign of a new Nigeria.

“The damage caused by the APC led government is enormous and we must endeavour to rebuild our country around the younger generation. It is clear that both the PDP and APC could no longer provide the leadership needed for Nigerians and that has brought to fore an urgent need for a national coalition as encapsulated in the former president’s letter.

“The former Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo has thrown the challenge to Young Nigerians. He has volunteered himself to be part of a coalition for a new Nigeria and we are seizing this medium to inform him that the APDA breeds Young men and women of impeccable characters who have already embarked on a paradigm shift to sanitize the political landscape of the country.

“Obasanjo’s description of Buhari as clannish and nepotistic is apt and appropriate. The fact remains that Buhari is non-performing, sectional and clueless. He has put Nigeria in more danger than any president before him. He doesn’t behave like one who fought during the civil war. Nigeria is more divisive under Buhari” She Said.

The structure of the Presidential system of Government acknowledges that routines of aides and ministers should be picked on the basis of competence, capacity, gifting, experience, integrity, patriotism and total loyalty to agenda of Government. But that is obviously lacking in APC, hence the mis-govenance

“Our robust engagement had seen us galvanized our thoughts amongst middle and working class across Nigeria through the principle of crowd funding for political exigencies and to enhance meaningful participation in the entire electoral process. We have donated our human and financial resources to activities that promotes the APDA as a party, whose ideology is centered on mass movement of people with equal rights, freedom and solidarity. We are already in talks with major interest groups across the country and in diaspora to make sure the impact of our numbers and socio-political relevance are felt and vibrated across the Nation in 2019..”

“We want to encourage person’s of like mind to join us in APDA to form this proverbial coalition that will navigate young Nigerians toward full political consciousness and National rebirth” she concluded.




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