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Olabode Moses, Nigeria Wins SOFACO LOT 3 AFRICAN CULTURE FUND GRANT-2021/2022!

JITA JITAN RIGAKAFI(Vaccination Rumours) THEATRE PROJECT –Written And Directed By Olabode Moses, Nigeria.

African Culture Fund:
ACF vision: To stimulate new narratives and positive social change in Africa through the emergence of innovative and creative cultural projects.
To professionalize the African cultural and creative sector in order to contribute to the improvement of the quality of production and artistic creation.

The Fund’s mission is to encourage creativity, production and professionalization throughout the value chain of the creative and cultural industries, thereby helping to ensure access to decent jobs and to sustainably improve living conditions of artists, professionals and their immediate environment. These missions will be carried out in accordance with the principles of fundamental rights and freedoms, cultural diversity, equity and social justice.

The objectives of the African Culture Fund

-Fund cultural and creative projects through calls for proposals ;

-Mobilize funds for structuring and professionalize the African cultural and creative sector ;

-Ensure visibility and connection between donors and artists ;

-Allow equitable and sustainable distribution of resources for the benefit of cultural and creative sector actors throughout the African continent.

About the Artist:Olabode Moses, a Nigerian Participatory Theatre Practitioner and Cultural Producer has won African Culture Fund Sofaco3 Grant for 2021/2022! Following a call by the fund in 2021, his project ‘Jita Jita-Vaccination Rumors’ was selected from among about 1,000 submitted proposals! Congratulations Olabode and the theatre team that performed!
Jita Jitan Rigakafi(Vaccination Rumors) Theatre Play
When the members of Namu namu community were summoned by Maigari the traditional leader they were not sure of what could be the matter but when they arrived there the story unfolds.
Have you heard the myths around Covid-19 vaccine? Everybody has heard one thing or the other! Maigari wants the community people of Namu Namu to understand the true issue around Covid 19 Vaccination, he does not want them to continue to live in ignorance any more, thus some medical personnel came to tell the people the truth and to put to rest any hearsay about it.
The community people disperse but Mantau who has heard so much about Vaccination and who also believes in traditional healing tells his wife and children that nobody will take the vaccine because it is very dangerous.According to him the vaccine is the devils medicine, he has heard that it used to light bulbs and even candles,it causes sterility,it can kill, etc
Jatau his friend on the other hand says that popular adage says ‘rigakafi yafi magani’ meaning ‘prevention is better than cure’ as such as long as people are taking the vaccination ,he will also take it but he will not force his family members to take ,because it is voluntary.
Maigari shows example by being the first in the community to receive the vaccine in the presence of the people,even with that Mantau retains his stand with a lot of conspiracy theories like ‘are we sure’?etc
After some days his daughter gains admission to travel to US for studies ,Mantau was very happy and he celebrates but when she tells him that she must have Covid vaccination certificate he becomes angry and propose ways to dodge it.His daughter Talatu try to convince her father but it was impossible until Jummai her friend who is Medical practitioner shows up and explains the advantages of taking the vaccine including the fact that in some countries you will not even be able to work without the vaccine. Mantau says now he knows that the devil is truly at work.Jummai made him understand that even pastors and Imams are taking the vaccine.The conflict between Mantau and Jatau leads to a cliff hanger for an open ended scenario which leads to discussions amongst community people regarding their individual views about vaccination.The play ends with a song and dance in Hausa language about the advantage of prevention being better than cure.The performance engaged the audience in post performance discussion in line with popular theatre dictum.The community people freely expressed their views about covid-19 vaccination.

Olabode Moses Nigeria JITA JITAN RIGAKAFI

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  1. My boss. Congratulations o. Am just seen this. More wins in Jesus name. I wish am part of this glorious play of namu namu community. Weldon sir and keep making us proud.


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