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Olamaboro interested in truth, not ethnic agenda – Traditional Ruler

Rather than some divisive ethnic interests under the veil of Igala Agenda, the people of Olamaboro Local Government Area of Kogi State, their traditional ruler, HRH Simeon Ujah says, are more interested in the development of their community, the truth and reciprocity.

The traditional ruler, made the point at the weekend while addressing the Chief of Staff to the Governor, Hon Edward Onoja who led select friends on a thank you visit to his palace.

He says his subjects “are a people with the fear of God, known right from time to always stand by the truth no matter what. We are also highly civilised and vast in many areas of endeavours, hence we cannot be subjected to any form of evil manipulation in the guise of Igala Agenda.”

Chief Ujah stated that because of bad politics, Olamaboro was relegated to the back seat by past administrations in the state simply because they considered them an “opposition territory,” thereby neglecting them in the face of acute underdevelopment and suffering.

He stressed that the people who are trying to recruit them into what he described as “accidental Igala Agenda,” were the same set of people who neglected them, leaving them to suffer as if Olamaboro was not part of Igalaland.

“For almost two decades, we cried to ‘our brothers’ to give us good road, they refused. For almost two decades, we cried to them to provide drinkable water for our people, they refused. For almost two decades, agriculture which used to be our main source of income was killed because we didn’t get any assistance.

“They instituted poverty in Igalaland while they and their immediate family members became billionaires, acquiring properties in almost every country of the world. But today, that same Ibana-Okpo-Ikeje-Ogugu-Ette road that was denied us for decades has been given to us by a stranger called Yahaya Bello.

“He has constructed over 27 motorized boreholes across villages in Olamaboro to ease access to portable water. Yahaya Bello has upgraded the stool of all the traditional rulers in Igalaland and added more respect and prestige to the institution.

“This young Ebira boy has, against all odds, found a confidant in our son, Edward Onoja and made him his Chief of Staff. An exalted position which our son is taking advantage of to better the lots of his people across the state.

“Today, Olamaboro is at the fore, agriculture is receiving the needed attention with the federal government set to invest billions of Naira in palm plantation in Olamaboro. Bank of Agriculture is set to take off in Okpo. My people feel more secured than before, our voice is now being heard. Our case is now different.

Governor Yahaya Bello is a blessing to us, he has done us no bad, and we cannot pay good with evil. Even our ancestors will be angry at us if we turn our backs on a young man who has brought us so much goodwill.”

He said he was not against anyone preaching any kind of agenda, but it must be preached with the fear of God and the highest level of objectivity coupled with the general interest of the people .

“Tell Governor Yahaya Bello that Olamaboro is thankful to him, and we are solidly behind him to continue the good work that he is doing. We are for development.”



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